For Internet Week Magazine, I'm writing articles on how to find a web-host company. I'm wondering if anybody who choose to indicates:

1. Questions you need to request of the website hosting provider?
2. Any interesting encounters in evaulating or using a provider?
3. Anything you want you realize whenever you went searching for a website hosting provider?

Joe Mullich
Internet Week Magazine
You might find areas of useful... particularly

Hi Joe,

The questions for auction on are wonderful. I'd much like to include that getting in touch with them a number of different occasions isn't a bad idea. That method for you to find out if there's a pattern, bad or good.
Give consideration to the way they respond - could they be respectful, will they appear knowledgeable, was the response timely, did the reactions match the data around the page?

Also take a look at claims made on their own web site. For instance, I've come across hosts that tell you they are "worldwide leaders in support or customer support" yet whenever you look online it's difficult to find a hyperlink to the type of support documentation or how you can contact them. I'm always type of leary associated with a company that does not put or attempts to bury, their contact or support information, or their acceptable use policy/tos.

Things If only I'd known just before finding my first host (also known as The Worst Horst Ever):
That there's no such factor as limitless bandwidth.
The newsgroup owner been around.
The community forums for example that one been around.

This is a page which has links to a few of the community forums:



Though in no way complete, I've some useful info on my website at (right side menu). I authored and put together a lot of that information before I even found this website in order to help others avoid a few of the problems I've had previously, which many more have experienced too.

Individuals searching for a number should keep in mind that not one host could be everything to any or all people. Therefore, there's no such factor like a best host for those. It's highly subjective and can vary just as much by a person's needs and anticipation as through the choices of numerous hosts.

Also, which is most significant, the smoothness of the company is an essential factor to search for. Everything else is secondary to that particular. Nevertheless, it's rarely spoken about until problems arise.

You've simply to read a few of the other posts here as well as on similar forums to understand the reality of this statement.

If only I'd known how hosts handle recognition of the site and when they'd any plans for improving clients. The mere presence of numerous service plans isn't enough, nor if it is taken as evidence that such plan is available. Things to us is elevated recognition in our sites is exactly what many hosts call mistreating resouces. Possibly calling it abuse justifies (within their minds) their abusive treartment people.

Read my encounters and also the abusive treatment I received from AIT at Over 300 individuals are now going through something only slightly less heinous with A minimum of these were given a meagre 2 days notice, whereas AIT shut me lower without any notice whatsoever (apart from their poor attitude, that was indicator enough which i required to change).

You can observe more good examples from the Communitech fiasco at

Another thing I may wish to know is exactly what steps a host company takes to lessen the flow of junk e-mail. For example, what features are enabled within their mail program, will they sign up for the different MAPS features, and which of them?

I believe any seem selection of a number will begin with a listing of individuals that meet a person's needs now but for the not too distant future, one by having an upgrade plan, not really thinking about any which have "unlimited bandwidth" along with other lies and deceptions, and looking into their service.

Then your real work starts, looking into their character. That could lessen the list even more as apparently trustworthy information mill removed. Certainly one of individuals is PC Magazine's Editor's Choice, Interland, now a junk e-mail haven with worse service than before.

A lot of the procedure would be the same in selecting a shared server solution or perhaps a devoted server hosting facility. Character might not be everything, but it is certainly the most crucial quality in almost any host.

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More ideas:

People searching for a shared server host should know the correlation between bandwidth and cpu usage. Many hosts promise all of the bandwidth you would like and nail you once the cpu usage hits the limit.

Poeple should know the main difference from a virtual host and virtual server. An online server is the perfect take into account individuals who would like with additional control and versatility and is a great chance to learn for individuals who may eventually proceed to a devoted server.

Things to search for:

Full disclosure

Hosts which have their full TOS/AUP associated with their service plans, particularly if you must acknowledge reading through them whenever you order. Some hosts hide their TOS and just trot them out if you have violated some heretofore undisclosed policy and suspend or terminate your bank account.

Hosts which have fair TOS. A lot of are unequitable and don't consider the requirements of the customer. Including mentioning to recognition of the site as mistreating assets. That's an indication from the attitude of numerous hosts that's reflected through the entire TOS.

There exists a couple of hosts that participate here and also have changed their sites to be able to become more accurate and fair. Have a look at and They aren't the sole ones, to be certain, but they're generally good good examples of companies attentive to clients and wanting to supply accurate terminology and TOS.

The most effective transactions are individuals by which both sides are satisfied, which only happens with equitable terms, something too uncommon in website hosting. Even good quality companies have rather poor contracts and tos that lack sense at all of justness. It might be nice to have the ability to rely on their written terms as associated with the organization. In the end, that's what most judge them on initially. Fortunately, a few of these information mill better used than their written terms would lead someone to believe.

Humor: One clause many TOS have is laughable and wouldn't fully stand up in the court. It is going something similar to this:
The Customer certifies that she or he reaches least 18 years old. When the client isn't a minimum of 18 years old, he thenOrshe's been granted the permission by his/her legal protector to do something on that guardian's account. Under these conditions, the underage client continues to be granted permission to make use of [company's services and enter this agreement with respect to the legal protector.
A small cannot enter an agreement, period. A protector can enter an agreement on the minor's account, although not the other way round; I laugh after i check this out clause because it signifies that nobody gave serious considered to what it really states. Regrettably, which means they most likely did exactly the same along with other clauses and terms which have a larger impact on us.

Included in an over-all theme of honesty, I'd avoid hosts that proclaim themselves leaders, the very best, and other alike epithets. Rather, I'd choose individuals who condition the things they provide (and supply the things they condition) and let each user select how good they're on their own.

On my small site, and here, I make reference to some website hosts to be such as the worst used vehicle sales staff, A variety offer you everything in oreder to obtain your hard earned money, even while knowing they've no aim of praising what they have to have guaranteed. A cash back guarantee means nothing if the organization isn't trustworthy to begin with. An assurance is useless of itself. There are just value if the organization which makes it could be reliable.

For your reason, people should watch out for any shared server plan that needs payment for six several weeks or perhaps a year in advance, or perhaps a contract for your same period of time. I have seen so many people burned this way.

A number should depend on their own service to be able to keep clients, not really a contract. Because of the costs and inconveniences in moving a website, poor services are likely the main reason for moving in one host to a different.

Another thing to search for are hosts that don't charge setup costs. Some come with an robotic voice that needs no human intervention in the host finish. Even adding a number by hand doesn't take greater than a couple of minutes, so any charges are only a type of gouging the client.

For perspective, I've been hosting my clients for around 2 yrs now and lately experienced my own devoted server, so I have seen each side from the hosting problem (as have numerous others here).
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