My raq states i have only used 1gb of bandwidth for that month of august wich i dont think is appropriate. My website was once on i had been certainly one of thouse people who arrived e-mail about using to much CPU so that they stated i desired to visit Devoted and so i did (avoid them) i acquired one from hispeed. Communitechs status stated i had been using over 1gb each day sometimes much more how come my RaQ say i have only used 1gb with this whole month? I'd think it will say around 8gb for my total to date with this month. I've a picture archive site most images are 100k in dimensions i recieve 40,000 to 50,000 page sights each day. I compensated a lot of money for my server because i believed which i would use 1gb or even more of bandwitdh each day........does anybody know what is wrong? Theres only one site on my small raq there's 2 others however they dont get 10 hits each day yet.


It could have something related to the truth that August is less than 25% over yet, therefore the figures can't often be for the entire month of August. Have you mean This summer, possibly?

Given how they treated a lot of people, possibly CT reported your bandwidth consumption just as much greater it had become being an inducement to maneuver to some devoted server.

Perhaps you have were built with a full month yet since having your RAQ server?
No i've not been with them for any full month yet. I resulted in to date for 8 times of this month it states that i'ved used a litte over 1 gb when if CT stated i made use of 1gb each day so for that 8 times of this month i ought to used atleats 8gb which make sense?
I realize now. You are concerned that you are using much less (about 1/8) proportionately than whenever you were on CT.

A couple of a couple of options spring to mind. First, you simply lately moved your website. Despite what anybody states about this only taking 2-three days for any transfer, I will tell you that it requires 2 days for changes to become fully propagated through DNS. Many people will hhve access problems for approximately that lengthy. You will see less with every day, and you will rely on 2 days until everybody has full access.

I have moved two times within the last 15-16 several weeks The final time was at June), have active forums, and also have observed this to become a fact, in addition to hearing reviews from forum people. Actually, I observed it had been 2 days towards the day once the 4g iphone reported access problems disappeared plus they were glad to become back around the forum.

Another possibility is the fact that CT was greatly fueling the reported bandwidth for you in order to enable you to get to maneuver to some devoted server, hopefully together. I had been speaking having a buddy of mine a couple of days ago (Friday and Saturday). He raised CT like a friend of his that does some development work with them and it has also had issues with them. He was handed a devoted server for his use as well as an allotment of bandwidth. They stated he was utilizing an exorbitant amount and reneged around the deal, and that he allegedly claims he was nowhere near that amount.

This really is second hands information and youve already moved, therefore it can't influence the selection of a number. I bring it up as possibly supporting one scenario for that alteration in your utilization of bandwidth.

A minimum of you use under you thought, instead of more, the alternative compaint many people have. You will find other options for that alternation in usage, though individuals two appear themost likely ones according to what's known.

You can check any bandwidth and traffic confirming software you may have. I recommend a little of persistence. For example, presuming that bi weekly DNS transfer perios stretches into August (which appears likely provide the timing of this), I'd hold back until October 1 to obtain a precise concept of average usage.

You'd have removed the two week period like a element in reduction and might have a complete month where there is full access, like a base line to compare.
No it has been excess of 2 days i managed to move on the 17th of recently coupled with the DNS info transformed on the day that. However the Raq dosent show things i used last week i guess since i wasn't there a complete month. However today its states that i have used 2gb of bandwidth for august to date. Im obtaining the identical quantity of traffic i had been after i was on CT going buy my website tracker im acutally getting good hits now.

Therefore it appears like in my experience that CT stated i had been using over 1gb each day to obtain me to maneuver how can they be away with this? Due to them i went and acquired a large package that included a lot of bandwidth which i won't ever use.

I suppose i'll have wait to the following month and find out what my real total is but at this time it appears like im having to pay an additional 100 per month for bandwidth which will never get used now would you understand why im upset?

just help

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Okay, getting managed to move on the 17th means your bi weekly period could be up right concerning the 31st of This summer (more or less a couple of days). That will mean your report for August (on September 1) will probably be your first reliable report.

I just read somewhere, in both a news article or posting, CT's aspect. Based on what source you read, either near to 200 or 300 accounts received short notice. "Hello, you account is going to be ended next day of tomorrow. You've for now to obtain order a devoted server or go bye bye".

It was something similar to 23 individuals who elected for devoted servers wit them (or it might have been a greater figure). I do not recall the figure because it wasn't vital that you me.

Let us perform some math. Their cheapest listed account is $30 monthly ($29.95, and let us not quibble in regards to a nickel). You will find discount rates for extended contracts, and let us not enter into that since we've not a way of knowing the number of people elected for this.

200 accounts (the amount ended) will bring them within $6,000 monthly ($30 x 200) minimum (we have no idea the number of had greater listed accounts).

Their cheapest listed UNIX server is $261.54 Oddly, their Home windows servers are less costly, 231.01. Usually it appears to become the opposite. Many people might have elected for additional costly servers, and again, we've not a way of knowing the number of, so we'll make use of the lower figures.

Only 25 new servers will bring within $6538 to exchange the $6000. Evidently of iot, it might not appear worthwhile. However, think about the setup costs you pay, a decrease in administrative costs (getting 25 clients to cope with rather than 200), cheap they might have become a lot more convereted to devoted serves. If about 50 made the cahnge, CT might have about $7000 more each month compared to what they formerly did, not counting setup costs, and ancilliary services. That's $84,000 yearly, with a decrease in support expenses, for greater profit.

I'm not sure they did that, however it appears progressively likely.

Yes, it's terrible what some companies do. They behave like schoolyard bullies, shutting lower accounts since you say mean items to them, similar to their service stinks, or say mean reasons for them, similar to their service stinks. They take your ball and wont let anybody play anymore.

I abhor many of the lawsuits which are filed by whiners and malcontents who won't accept responsibility for his or her actions, or who make use of the legislation to win a jackpot.

Nonetheless, Personally i think there's an excuse for a couple of large lawsuits against some website hosts to obtain these to shape up. Closing lower a merchant account for invalid reasons ought to be a jackpot for any couple of those who win. Once that occurs, the businesses will not wish to gamble anymore and could act sensibly.

Anybody ever wish to sue AIT (, count me in. Personally i think lucky (and also have the details). Ka ching :-D
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