I can not send mail from like admin@diana.com
to anybody on America online after i will i understand this error message.

The content couldn't be sent because among the readers was declined through the server. Book your mail first.', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 550, Error Number: 0x800CCC79

be aware of why? I'm able to send mail to hotmail although not America online after i try i'm able to that error company im on America online
America online might not allow you to do that (as you are calling up from America online), though I do not fully realize. So tired I ought to be zzzzzzzzz'ing.
America online does not provide smtp servers. You might want to take a look at totalspeed.net, it is just $11.95 for normal dial-up service.
No, but she's attempting to send mail through her server's SMTP. I understand that you will find issues with Mindspring (just believed that maybe you will find issues with America online too?).
yes im attempting to send mail in the raq to America online also it provides me with that error however i just tired again to transmit mail in the raq to diana@america online.com the mail was sent however i never first got it, i personally don't like america online have no idea why i have them they do suck lol
I did not desire to be the main one to state that, but...

you realize, you are able to download the America online IM client (have all yer pals), and visit america online.com should you miss them when you get another Web service provider
Chicken, I second that.
Based on half the support staff I spoken to within their little java-chat factor(could it be just me or are their services studying the browser now?) stated they do not permit the employment of outdoors smtp servers. I can not test drive it out myself since i use another Web service provider and fasten to america online while using TCP/IP connection, but I have wound up speaking to numerous people concerning the problem. Should you choose opt by having an Web service provider Don't use a totally free one. I haven't yet look for a free Web service provider that will help you to use smtp servers apart from their very own.

Justin K.
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Really, my Netzero account allow me to send through my server. I've not tried on the extender recently (been 2 several weeks) since DSL.
Really, this error is not related to your Web service provider, or obstructing SMTP ports.

The content couldn't be sent because among the readers was declined through the server. Book your mail first.', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 550, Error Number: 0x800CCC79
Your server is applying IP authentication for delivering mail, a means of stopping unauthorized utilisation of the mail server. To be able to authenticate you to ultimately have the ability to send mail out of your SMTP server, you need to look at your mail first to ensure that the server "learns" your Ip. When you look at your mail, the server creates your Ip to some temporary file, that is saved to have an hour so that you can send mail from that IP.

When utilizing America online, your dynamic IP is transformed multiple occasions, while you are online.

Meaning.. Despite the fact that you've checked your mail for authentication reasons, your Ip may change stopping you against delivering mail, since the server does not "know" the brand new IP.

You will find two methods to solve this..

<LI>Check your mail each time if it.
<LI>Leave America online, and discover an Web service provider that provides you with a devoted Ip.

However, you're still in a position to send mail to local domains, which reside in your server, since they're "local" e-mail addresses, and also the server doesn't use IP authentication for local e-mail.

All the best..

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My Dear GOODNESS! It's surprising I skipped that lol! I sent her the pop auth pkg too, heh, heh. Sorry Diana! I completely skipped that. Yep, just look at your account fast and it will be sending.

Thankx Mike for pointing that out.
wow thanks Mike i did not realize it did that, i had been getting all mail which was delivered to admin@diana.com fwd to diana@america online.com wich never managed to get however i just checked my mail then sent an e-mail to diana@america online.com and that i first got it things i dont get is the fact that i have had the server per month also it just began carrying this out also it was fwd my mail to America online untill now.

Only question i've is because the raq keeps the IP used to determine the mail wouldnt that list be large since im on America online my ip changes 200 occasions each day that might be a large list on the month however i guess it removes it self every hour or something like that?
I'll point out that the relay window following a POP authentication is fifteen minutes. You are able to change this (longer/shorter) if you wish to (begin to see the text file which i sent you together with the script).

This is probably not precisely what you had been speaking about, however i thought I'd inform you. This means, that whenever fifteen minutes, you'll have to look at your pop again before you decide to attempt to send mail from that account.

Should you only forward your mail, and not look into the pop account, then your pop auth script I sent you will not constitute much help In my opinion.
Yes, Diana. The sever removes IP addresses that weren't used within a couple of hours.. I would not be worried about their email list growing.. Even when their email list is rather large, it's hardly consuming disk space and constantly up-to-date.
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