. . . which i heard True Hosting's Dying Rattle recently. But no, they are still kicking.

Burst, what the heck is happening?

Come clean. Have you buy this person out, or otherwise?

I am still seeing this by 6/13/2000:



Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact, Billing Contact:

Dept, Support (PF1910) admin@SPEEDYSERVER.NET

57 Avenue Street
N/A (fax) N/A

Record last up-to-date on 14-Jan-2000.
Record expires on 26-Jan-2001.
Record produced on 26-Jan-1999.
Database last up-to-date on 12-Jun-2000 16:03:54 EDT.

Domain servers in listed order:



Have you purchase a company that does not exist?

Have you purchase only his subscriber base?

What goes on to individuals who subscribe to TrueHosting? Will they get handled on your part, and when so, then exactly why is TrueHosting still registered to Peter/Davey/Annette/Bradley?

No flames, please. Among the finest this over and done with. I would like the boy of the bitch bankrupt and the clients -- past and future -- in responsible hands.
I'll be interested to determine THAT response....

Burst? Anybody? Bueller?
OOC: You need to use the title:
'rm -Radio wave /weaselboy'

that extra 'force' option might be needed at some point?
I e-mailed Burst with this question 48 hrs ago. Still no answer.

Sean? C'mon. Speak with me, babe.

-- J.
Who would like to lay bets that TH screwed Burst?
Me me me me!

So why do all of you really believe that he'll take time to email a response relating to this? Notice he has not published here or at scriptkeeper recently? Why? because individuals would like to discuss stuff that do not have anything related to them.

Sorry, i understand this problem is hot for a lot of individuals, but when you had been a person of TH, you need to know right now who's the admin for the account and what you are being charged by.

Otherwise, it truly does not matter. If Sean was wise, he will not launch this problem again, (nor should he have reponded on the public board to begin with).

If you do not like Burst, avoid using them. If you feel something is wrong then send them an email and request. if you do not obtain a reply go elsewhere.

I simply do not get the entire passion for this. If the subject in some way directly involves you, then please be aware, this message is not intended for you. Sorry this complete message sounds harsh, it is not intended to be.
this really is more enjoyable than reading through a singular I wanna know what is going to happen next!

Scott Intarapanont
iModus - interactive techniques
Yeah, same here...what's going on with TH &lifier Burst?


Have a very good weekend all, help you Monday!

Sean R.
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Then speak up on your own and inform us what's the story between you and also TH?

Also . or hide the storyline. Speak up becuase the folks on the planet deserve a genuine answer.

Best Of Luck!
We won't be leaving comments around the situation any more. Buy stock if you would like personal data on our firm.

Sean R.
Online Repetition

To make an order, or for more information, contact
BurstNET Technologies, Corporation.?
1-877-BURSTNET - (570) 389-1100
sales@burst.net --- http://www.burst.net
P.O. Box #400 Bloomsburg, Pa 17815-0400 USA
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Brother, have you back the incorrect equine.
heh well, you requested and also got a solution
Appears Sean is hidding information that they does not want to see others. Ok last one, maybe he does not need to know if BurstNET is really a loser or otherwise? We'll see within the in front of lives and find out the way it goes

No offend, Sean!
Let's wait and watch....

I have to choose a host for my domain. I am likely to choose:
a) a useful, friendly aware host that appears honest or...
b) a terse, brusque insulting host that attempts to hide what appears to become shady dealings.

err..... who must i choose....
I had been a merchant for TrueHosting (I understand, all of you are most likely thinking 'yipes!') and also the move to Burst has not been an even one, but thier staff continues to be very useful to get me setup and settled.

Irrrve never had issues with TH, however i understood this happens eventually and that i was relieved it happened with Burst and never some other company that wasn't capable.

I believe the key reason why the truehosting domain continues to be registered this way happens because Network Solutions will need the dog owner transfer it or remove it, and as you can tell through the record... it is not complete (no telephone number.. and it is it even registered to someone in order to a department?). That literally brings on a lot of problems in setting it up transfered as well as erased. I'm not sure if this sounds like the situation, but it's a great possibility.

The hyperlink towards the truehosting website continues to be taken off the primary site, making me believe it's a done deal. In the emails I have recieved from Burst, it appears like they've compeleted the database and TH is no more within the picture. Clients who wanted to stay with Burst have, individuals that managed to move on also have.

On the more dark note...

I simply got word yesterday will be able to start selling again. I'm getting problems because they do not appear to wish to provide me the choice to personalize the user interface. Appears who owns TH did not inform them it was an element provided to the merchants.

I've been waiting some time to return to business which is just some other delay. I really hope something will get done relating to this because well, all of us look at this but still can on the website 'BurstNET? is going to be praising prices/features formerly held like a True Hosting client'. Because the Clubpenguin factor appears like a misunderstanding (I suppose it's mainly from TH's insufficient particulars to Burst) I understand this method will be presented towards the merchants as was guaranteed ultimately.

Just cut them some slack, they (the BurstNET staff) work very hard to have their clients and also the new TH bunch happy. I provide them with a difficult time (in emails and ICQ) and they've been polite and useful, which in my experience is a superb sign.
California and Digit,

Now it will seem like I'm adhering up for Burst, or possess some kind of biased relationship together. Believe me, this originates from good sense, anything...

You (in addition to many more) appear to simply check this out subject using your own eyes. You'd like to learn intricate particulars about something which has (in no shape, way, or form), ANYTHING related to you you.

I still do not get it. I actually do understand people being unhappy with TH. And That I are evident people upset at Burst for his or her problems. But the reason for so thinking about this???

California- he's hiding info of your stuff? I do not think he recognized he was obligated to inform you?

If you wish to learn about Burst's services, send Them an e-mail. Request for opinions about this board. If you want a specific item, register. Otherwise, don't.

A dark tone of previous posts relating to this subject have forced Sean to not reply. He can't, and that he will not. I am certain he regrets posting anything and because of a poorly written pr release, he needed to obvious a couple of some misconception which were improperly mentioned.

Like I stated, I do not work with (nor am connected with) Burst by any means. If fact, I am certain he will not appreciate the "help" much, but hope that everybody will realise why he is not reacting, and never feel that he's hiding something of your stuff.

In some way these posts of mine all finish track of me sounding harsh. Really I do not intend these to seem as mean because they most likely do. Sorry for your.

Just understand that should you possessed/labored for an organization, you would not be posting replies either, and you ought to know why.

I do not have trouble with a business hesitant to share personal data. I actually do have trouble with that company utilizing a snotty, condescending repetition.

Why he can't just say, "I'm sorry, but I am not approved to talk about that information" rather than getting snippy I do not understand, but Sean continues to be very less than professional. That's my problem.
I'm able to realize that. He allows it reach him personally, which is not good. Nothing a great brewski (or five) as well as an hour from a glowing screen can't fix though

When you get garbled support replies, you know he required my advice.

"Justht sthlet you are SMTPOP sthettingths to yerdomain.cothm..."

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