I'm searching to locate a host for any site I wish to develop. I'm requiring a website that will permit me to market downloadable infoproducts along with other items. There is nothing adult oriented. I'm wishing to not save money than $15-20 per month. I've discovered a couple of places although not sure. Anybody know anything about Hostway.com? Outside assistance and recommendations could be nice.

Needs: POP e-mail, responders, FrontPage ext., etc

Hi Let me recommend unixfusion.com and superior-host.com

I have been with www.unixfusion.com some time plus they appear "so far" to become v.excellent... I believe i saw somewere about the subject employing new support staff too.

A buddy is located with superior-host.com and states they're great with exellent support... however i don't have any private information in it...

Hope you get a good host

May be the site popular or are you currently thinking about obtaining a large flow of individuals installing soon? A couple of Megabytes turns into a couple of GB in bandwidth very rapidly based on the number of people go to the site and download.
You should attempt Atjeu Posting at http://www.atjeu.com - they're reasonable and also have great service - B
I am in the dark about about Hostway, so perform a search within the forum at http://www.scriptkeeper.com (click the 'forums' link lower the underside, go to 'Web Hosts &lifier ISPs' and perform a search for the reason that forum).

Just how much bandwidth are you currently searching at using monthly? Could it be frequently visited, would be the downloadable files large, etc.?
So far as bandwidth...unsure. Very little with my luck. The file dimensions are a couple of megabytes at most.


Perhaps a ProWeb account from JTAN (www.jtan.com)? The cost is $22.99 per month ... just a little over what you would like to invest, however the extra $2.99 per month makes it worth while. Limitless POP3 E-mail Accounts, Auto responders and FrontPage 2000 Extensions include the package totally free. 10GB's of bandwidth can also be incorporated, also it appears like that will focus on your requirements.

If you're interested, take a look at my publish within the Advertising forum, or e-mail me at vince@jtan.com. Thanks!

Vincent Paglione
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