Has anybody been located by icom.com ? I'm searching within the platnium 2 package... However the funny factor is you get only 500 megs of space , I'm still type of confused on weather or otherwise this package is on a devoted server. Well exactly what do you consider the unlimied transfer factor ? 10-20 gigs ? (The transfer is applicable to any or all the packages)
2. Provider reserves the best, in the sole discretion, to deactivate the Client's virtual server or Website hosting account(s) unexpectedly upon a sign of credit problems including delinquent obligations, or maybe this particular service contract is violated, or maybe Clients's account or even the traffic about this account causes any type of network or server problem / disturbances. Since client isn't permitted to re-sell web space inside the DIVE-IN, START-UP, and ECCO packages provider reserves the authority to disable a merchant account or a number of its files or sites if client violates this insurance policy. Only ICP virtual servers are equipped for web space resale.
icom has not exactly become glowing reviews in the boards - perform a deja search too
Had the experience, done that....would not advise anybody to make use of their services.

Just attempt to get support or even worse, encourage them to stop billing you for services despite you cancel your bank account.

I needed to obtain the BBB involved.

I moved from Icom to NPS Internet Solutions, LLC. Their service continues to be great and it has been hassle free. www.npsis.com
I would not recommend Icom to anybody.
Hey, npsis.com... There's a spot for ads, as well as your Junk e-mail is frowned apon here. Your IP shows up here, along with a simple DNS search of the IP discloses what you are, Nathan.

You are able to Junk e-mail all that's necessary within the Advertising forum.

Have a very good day now.

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