I'm searching for info on http://www.hostmysite.com . Anyone which has had bad or good results. They provide a totally free domain title should you register not less than twelve months. I must are conscious of any bad or good encounters together
I haven't read much about the organization and so i have no information whether or not they make the perfect or bad hosting company. Generally, I recommend you need to do the next:

1. E-mail their support staff and find out how lengthy it requires these to respond.

Although this cannot guarantee that they'll always respond rapidly it's a great way to have an idea what you are coping with. The typical response time shouldn't be a lot more than 6 hrs (when posted throughout a working day).

2. Explore their site.

Have you noticed that there layout and design is well-organized and useful? The existence of an expert searching and simple to navigate site cannot guarantee that the organization is a great hosting firm. However, good organization and design within the site can display general characteristic traits from the maintainers that think about the way they handle the servers.

3. Try to look for many people who already host with the organization and e-distribute them regarding their encounters.

This test isn't perfect and may frequently prevent new hosts.

I recall when my opportunity was new on the market and that we battled to obtain clients since a lot of people was adamant on references. Just because it is true that it requires money to obtain more money, additionally, it takes clients to achieve new customers.

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Appreciate your response. I'll try your suggestion to email the technical support and find out their response time. I've been to there site which is well defined and simple to navigate. I published within hopes that somebody who has had dealings witht them could tell me their opinion. Are you aware of anyway to discover what sites are located together besides asking them? I must discover independantly of these to obtain a more balanced opinion. Again appreciate your response.
It appears like they've pretty inexpensive price points, with that said. What concerns me is the bombarding of newsgroups (begin to see the Usenet posting summary for 3/29/00, for example, when hostmysite.com were built with a BI of 22.59. Another factor that concerns me is they make the identical claims as plenty of others ("HostMySite.com is really a worldwide leader in..."). You might like to perform a search at Deja to determine concerning the first problem.
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