Within the last couple of several weeks, really a a lot more like annually I've been wondering whether or not to develop this project I are thinking about, without giving an excessive amount of way it's much like egroups/listbot, I have got the plans during my mind and also the understanding to complete. Nevertheless the cost of bandwidth does not appear to become getting cheaper in reality it's getting greater, co-location centers that have been offering 10mbps/100mbps visitors to your server, are actually capping bandwidth from .5mbps. Without starting the discussion of "unlimited" services, something I understand isn't feasible, can there be any possibility of bandwidth getting cheaper in the united states. Other nations, for example within the United kingdom appear for you to get cheaper but nonetheless much more costly compared to USA, but a minimum of it's decreasing. Until this type of date when bandwidth &lt $2gb than the project does not appear possible. Is prone to happen soon? Well something's gonna need to happen particularly when everybody may have ASDL and wish to view multimedia sites.

BTW, Website Hosts: Anybody had an encounters using the major colocation companies?
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