I am hoping it does not get taken lower before someone responds.. I still have no idea how you can perform the screen shots..
But simply just in case, I opened up the page in netscape composer, and that i will attempt in order to save it..
Dunno about this i figured they in which a webhost already with very fundamental features. Also screen shots press paper Screen_____sysrq button and goto no matter which drawing program you utilize and paste then save it.
ALT-PRINT SCRN will copy only the active window towards the clipboard. Then as fthosting stated, see your graphics pgrm and paste and play!

For the business's website hosting, appears like they take part in the "unlimited" game (advanced plan). Also, I do not visit a TOS or AUP anywhere, as well as their order form did not work. Trying to visit an order form, I acquired a mistake the certificate did not match the website I had been trying to visit...

You function as the judge.


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No I had been just wondering whether it was Davey, Petey or no matter what the hell he calls themself nowadays...

Well don't Personally i think stupid now.. lol.. Just PRINT SCREEN help men.. I've been trying to achieve that forever.. I acquired to date regarding ALT PRINT SCREEN but nothing happens.. lolol.. Did not know I needed to really paste it some place.. .. hehe

Are we able to say DUH? heheh

Many thanks,

Seems like another incident for Annette's files.... Tee, hee!

(nah, that might be too mean...)

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This can be a guy that's unassociated with Peter. He was once a merchant, so when he was, Peter urged him to make use of the TrueHosting design. He since left TH (following the usual trouble) and runs it independantly.

Peter now uses the gorgeous &lt/sarcasm&gt layout visible at
Damn, this show keeps going warmer and warmer ....
Hey Paula,
I did not mean to help you feel stupid, and that i wasn't attempting to make you appear stupid. Sorry. Everyone has brain-farts every now and then!


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tk: Not a chance, you did not cause me to feel feel stupid, it's ok ).. I simply could not understand why Never imagined about this before..

I understand this guy was checked out before... However the page had such as this whole conversation onto it like Peter/Davey etc did when Peter had his "News" page.. You realize when "Vector" became a member of Peter? It simply appeared odd this guy/woman running that page would talk in deepth about True hosting and Peter?
""Partnering with well-known internet development the likes of True Hosting is a big a part of our online marketing strategy," stated Darrin Ginsberg, Leader and Boss of E-Commerce Exchange. "With cutting-edge Online partners like True Hosting across the nation, E-Commerce Exchange can
anticipate much more rapid developments in our industry-leading Internet commerce solution.""

And that one..
"The E-Commerce Exchange partnership will enable Quisqueya Hosting to provide a world-class turnkey e-commerce means to fix our clients", stated David Jarvis, Leader of True Hosting. "We have discussed with E-Commerce Exchange for those True Hosting clients to become pre-approved for a free account no matter their previous credit rating. E-Commerce Exchange also offers pre-approved leasing programs around for that small company budget."

I simply don't believe anybody may wish to put something of that nature on their own page understanding how bad True Hosting has screwed up.... Personal Opinion obviously..

Well anyway,
Thank for that info...
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