Is good and reliable?
Anybody here has any knowledge about them? Are their technical support good and reliable?

Can you recommend it?

Among the finest to create a couple of points.

They stole the 99.9% up time button on their own site from

Their layout looks much like:

Just how can someone host your internet site with 200 Megabytes for just $180 with no other costs, ever?

Lines, support, servers plus much more have a price. It is not only a 1 time fee cost, but a monthly cost. They do not even offer SSL, so how will you sell something online with no secure server?

I have not used them, but I recommend you be careful about any organization who's offering your kitchen sink. That does not mean it's a scam, but a business like that's more prone to go bankrupt than most others.
So why do you say they'll go bankrupt? Would you elaborate on that?

It is a one-time fee you have to pay, who pays the electrical, bandwidth, storage, maintainance, admin, technical support bills for the following a century or whatever. If however they get a respectable amount of clients every month they should have the ability to give you support for a while in the future.
I have tried personally them and by today 12/12/99 I'd appear at first sight THE worst host I have ever endured...Technology support is Rude and they've lied in my experience many occasions...Whether it looks to get affordable to be real's!!
Hi guest, would you let me know much more about your experience by contacting me at gordon@virtual-metropolitan please?



I have used for any couple of several weeks and that i could let you know a great deal about the subject. The offer appeared too good to be real for me personally too however i figured I'd try it out. To begin with, they provide "Unlimited bandwidth" but when you look into the policy it is only 5GB per moth. Who's likely to fill 200MB of space and never use 5GB monthly?? Right now they appear to possess outgrown themselves and therefore are getting trouble responding to questions.

NoMonthlyFees continues to be very hard to rely on. The server continues to be lower every a couple of days.
I'm very unhappy together
Well nomonthlyfees finally switched my website back on after 8 days, ten minutes once i registered with another hosting company (ARGH!!!). They final provided be simple response I desired and required action. Whether it had not taken 8 days to obtain i would amost complement them for this.


I'm the main one nevertheless those are the worst host I have ever endured.
I selected Cedant Hosting solutions we'd one problem they fixed(I obviously panicd) but everything has been fine since.

I've filed a complaint using the BBB And would ask escape now..they aren't a great host whatsoever and can only hurt your website ultimately.

There should be a method to regulate these hosts. It has been probably the most frustruating factor I've ever experienced.

Well there's you are problem. How can you regulate the web? I am afraid individuals have been asking that for a long time and there is still no solution.
To be sure.
But possibly we are able to regulate website hosts. On the other hand....

Exactly how should we be anticipated to depend around the recommendations of Hosting Company Guild and VeriHost if you notice a few of the hosts they accept.

I've been a merchant with NoMonthly for six several weeks now. It is a fact there's without any Technical Support, i.e., it's very slow, but I''ve not had any major problems. Inside a pinch, you are able to give them a call.
I tracked their registration to Alabanza, and discovered that certain can generate a server with Alabanza with similar User Interface, etc. and hang your own hosting company business. That''s why Cedant, NoMonthly along with a couple of others all look alike and also have the same control sections. They're themselves leasing servers from bigger men.

Yes, nowadays a lot of individuals are leasing server from Alabanza, their features are identical, so might be the costs. Although I will lease a couple of servers from alabanza, I'll make certain I'll always offer a thing that the majority of the companies haven't offer.

Be mindful and cya around!


Should you browse the Alabanza literature carefully, you''ll observe that probably the most costly facet of website hosting services are supplying Technical Support. Alabanza itself provides a bundle to their personal clients whereby they offer the consumer with Technical Support, however, you the customer must then charge a minimum of $15/month to create a minimum profit.

What individuals don't understand is the fact that to obtain the prices under $10/month, something needs to give, and it will always be Technical Support.

Now i need to give NoMonthly another star on their own chart. They are among the couple of who are able to host lengthy domains inexpensively, and where one can get the own virtual title server without additional charge. I'm moving all my client accounts to NoMonthly.
Was the final guest someone from NoMonthly? Exactly what do you mean by lengthy domains? The brand new 64 letter names? All hosts will host that. Also, do you want a lengthy domain title?

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