OK, this really is somewhat a hardship on me, so any help could be great!

This is what I want:

I would like a drop lower box, with two choice (ex: 1 &lifier 2).
I Quickly have an application.
when the person selects #1, therefore it should send the information to: www.myhost.com/cgi-bin/form1.pl

is he selects #2, it will send the information to www.myhost.com/cgi-bin/form2.pl

Any ideas?

P.S. It does not need to be a drop lower box. Anyhthing that actually works is excellent!


~I put this thread here b/c I'm not sure where else to place it~
This website can most likely assist you to. They've plenty of Java scripts of all. http://javascript.internet.com/
(Unsure how this pertains to website hosting, but...)

One other good source for Javascript code is:

Excellent site with a lot of stuff.
...and that i was glad I possibly could really share some javascript understanding I'd (my javascript understanding = visit javascriptsource.com !)
Thanks Duster &lifier TK, you're right it is not "hosting" but is not it nice to merely have the ability to help someone sometimes. *s*
It is only my estimation that javascipt shouldn't be employed for: forms (effects within forms are fine), or navigation (including redirection according to creating a choice like the one you pointed out).

Javascipt is excellent, although not every browser works correctly with all of scripts. Most effective do these kinds of redirects/navigation with cgi (that will use everything).
You earn a legitimate point, Chicken !

CGI is certainly the greater approach to take !!!

Regrettably, you will find many people available who don't wish to bother improving to some more recent version of the browser !!!
Believed that I ought to include that Javascript might not be performed in much the same way by Netscape and Ie sometimes... the correct answer is rare though after IE 5.

Also, VBScript is not based on Netscape whatsoever. It is only overlooked!!

Until there's total mix-browser compatibility with your scripting languages, such factors could be a nuisance once a week :O(

And total mix-browser will not happen so easily unless of course both Netscape and Microsoft open their particular source codes for these scripting languages.

And even though it is an annoyance for many scripts (clock, random quotes, etc.), it might be a significant problem if this involves navigation, etc.

I personally use a DHTML script for navigation on-site I'm focusing on, but that which you can't see, is the fact that behind it (hidden through the script's menus), are backlinks when the script does not load and display correctly.

Just make sure if you are using js by doing this you have *some* method of handling non-js audiences.
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