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Does anybody are conscious of any domain website hosts that offer the above mentioned ? I understand a couple of that offer additional domain's to become binded towards the primary domain registered, after which established to redirect other domain names to directorys, but they are their any that provide exactly the same however with email. I wish to offer user's a choice of choosing different domain names

True Domain pointers, including e-mail addresses is sort of harder to complete than simple domain web redirection. I beleive it's possible, but I don't know it can be done well with no devoted ip. Your howt would also need to play a great deal using the mailserver configuration, in most cases they do not want / know to get it done.

I do not beleive we are able to do this ourselves either. The "patch" i can tell with this is making exactly the same e-mails around the 2 domain names, and redirect all of the e-mails around the "master" domain.

Obviously, it can't be _true_ pointer and would require a little more work out of your part, but it's the simplest method of doing it.

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