To: Anybody that has familiar with a number, with good to great Uptime, Technical Support, and repair?
To: Any Website Hosts, are you able to allow us to?
We're searching for a great host who are able to meet our needs, the following:
We're accumulating to 12 sites with separate IP?s (2 primary sites relaxation entrance doors)

Fee Every Month:Is dependent on kind of service, Shared $20-50, w/Shopping Cart Software $50-80,
Vserver, $80 -$120, Devoted $200 - $300

SETUP FEE:$ preferred, $20 - $100 ok based on kind of service

SPACE:150mb to 1000mb


FRONTPAGE 2000:Full FP Support (also must support frontpage child webs)

24/7 SUPPORT:Monday ? Saturday Business hour ok

Toll-free SUPPORT:This Can Be A MUST

Shopping Cart Software:Miva, or any other (see our trolley specs)
(if you can't provide as proven, inform us you skill)

CONNECTIONS:T-3 or better
Servers Apachie (condition the version host is applying)

ADDITIONAL IP's:If Vserver or Devoted we'd prefer 16 additional IP?s
Kind of Service Vserver preferred, Shared ok, Devoted ok.

User Interface:favored

ADULT:We're a relevant video and DVD store with more than 80,000 products Also we feature adult videos, Dvd disks and items. Most adult hosts charge for that Adult Photos Sites with large bandwidth downloads, we don't have photos or downloads on our sites, we require really low bandwidth, except we're building our traffic.

LOCATION:U . s . States, Canada

Thanks ahead of time


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I'd, but we do not handle adult stuff. You may be best searching at devoted servers first (or only) given the quantity of traffic I am sure is produced because of your various sites. Someone will without doubt develop a few recommendations for deds.
Try - they've the next server for $225/month:

Pentium II
400 MHz
64 Megabytes Memory
8.3 GB Hard Disk
50 GB Bandwith/month

There exists a devoted together that is very reasonable. Chris also works together with you per your bandwidth needs. And that he hosts adult content.
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