To be able to do live streaming, you'll need video/audio taking and encoding equipment and on the website in which the event has been recorded. Even when you utilize a co-situated server to broadcast your streams, you still require a pretty hefty pipe out of your place to the co-location facility.

I really hope these details can help you. However, I'm not a specialist around content streaming.

Frank Rietta
streaming live broadcasts is really a specialist arena that many hosts cannot look after. Essentially, at the location being broadcast from, you've got a server with the live encoding in position. This server would connect with a broadcast server (most likely via ISDN because it is just one stream). The broadcast server would then stream that certain stream to the public. It is the output out of this that eats bandwidth.

Most hosts offer only a prerecorded stream. RealNetworks possess a tutorial regarding how to be considered a broadcaster on their own site.

Can anybody recommend a webhost that may offer live streaming? I must stream live broadcasts.

Or, if a person could a minimum of provide rough costs that might be great, I realize it may be high, since lots of bandwidth might be involved (??)
The number of broadcasts, like round-the-clock kind of factor. You most likely have to co-lo a server and purchase a pipeline rather than for GB of bandwidth.

I am not the authority for may be, however i would guess a T1.

Mike Astin
WebAuthorities - A totally free merchant website (not far off!)
I'm not a specialist in this region. To obtain accurate solutions in the pros who remain here though, you will have to give more information. Such out of the box this audio only or video broadcasting, the number of hrs (as requested above), how large may be the anticipated audience? It might also most likely help should you condition what software you are wanting to use.

Chuck Fox
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