I'm considering obtaining a devoted server for learning reasons. Dry operates on my desktop isn't any fun
The truth is, whereever I turn webhostingcompanies attempts to sell me P3s when things i actually need is simply P1-200 (totally ballpark).
So, does anybody are conscious of a location where I possibly could obtain a low spec server or possibly purchase one for co-location. Cheap co-location services would be also of great interest.


If you are searching at colocation, then you might like to take a look at http://www.webpipe.net/. I personally use to colo together.
Try skynetweb.com
Visit dialtoneinternet.com

there is a summer time clearance special on at this time. The least expensive I saw would be a Pentium 233mmx, 64mb ram, 50 gb bandwidth incorporated, limitless ip's.

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