Webhostingtalk.com and Hostinvestigator.com were lower yesterday (the majority of the day) for me personally. Maybe Matt can't choose a decent host from the hole in the ass.
It labored acceptable for me and several others. Its you finish.

Adam "fibroptikl" Lysne
It labored for me personally whole day, although My home is the United kingdom (therefore it labored through the night/morning hours for that US).

I love the 'unregistered hmmm'-identity!


Maybe you want to do your share to lessen lack of knowledge by reading through the next http://techcellence.net/internetfaq.htm
You'll learn a few of the reasons that it might not be the responsibility of a website if you cannot connect with it.

You might do your share to lessen stupidity by phrasing remarks by means of an issue (like "was the website lower yesterday, I could not enter") with civil language rather than broadcasting your lack of knowledge towards the wold. Without doubt this is exactly why you did not make use of a title, you understood you'd something to become embarrassed with.

Like Judge Judy states on television "beauty is just skin deep but dumb is forever"
Need to accept Judge Judy on that. However I dure dont help you creating a site that may do just like webhostingtalk.com or hostinvestagator.com . if you do not enjoy it make ur website. Matt is a great guy leave him alone. (I ought to get marketed to some full member there Matt)
Heh Duster, were not we talking about an identical publish by someone re: Alabanza "resellers" ???

It had been a complete moon yesterday.
I could not arrive here yesterday either, and that i attempted all day long, and that i have 2 interent connections, first the first is @home cable and 2nd is really a back on Netcom 56K.

And also you be a full member after 50 posts, atleast that's the actual way it creates other boards.
I additionally was not able to obtain on later within the day or last evening. No issues with other sites I attempted. I did not attempt to determine in which the fault was, however I additionally did not accuse anybody to be to blame :-)

Chuck Fox
I additionally couldn't connect with webhostingtalk.com yesterday. My Web service provider reaches&T, might have been an problem together, but I didn't have trouble hooking up holiday to a websites.
I additionally could not connect yesterday (not All day long) but to state

Initially published by hmm:
Maybe Matt can't choose a decent host from the hole in the ass.
is certainly going a little too much.
i couldnt jump on either yesterday. Does anybody understand how to be a full member, will it do anything whatsoever that u no longer can do like a junoir member.
I believe as busy because this board is, it had been apparent these were lower yesterday. No posts until they could return to today! Last posts were around the 15th, appears like get up now though.

HostCaters--We Cater Hosting
Simply to stick by 2 pennies worth in. Because this is a board about hosting, people going to must have the savy to know why a website may be lower, and to sort out whether it's the website, or perhaps a transit problem. In a nutshell, trace a path to the website to ascertain if it's them, or some overloaded router in an Web service provider.

Every other site focusing on normal home customers will have to concern yourself with lack of trade because of inaccessibility. However, I do not think Matt should worry, because this website is specific to individuals who ought to know the the inner workings of hosting. And also the inherant (sp?) weak points from the Internet like a medium.
Computer Guy,

The excellence between junior member and full member is simply an arbitratily selected quantity of posts made. Thus, it's largely meaningless. The standard from the posts is much more important compared to quantity. I turn to see what someone states, not how frequently they speak. That is what I consider important.

Triumph et al.

You are right Most of the people here ought to know about connectivity problems. Howeverm we have beginners who don't. I've got a page on my small site that describes why. It came from on my small educational resource site sometime ago. It had been simpler than trying to explain to every individial who had periodic problems hooking up and blamed it on the website.

The page reaches http://techcellence.net/internetfaq.htm and may also be arrived at in the right side menu.
I additionally had problems from right here around australia too. However, it had been *only* the website which was lower (anything else appeared to become fine) and so i went a couple of pings and traceroutes - which regrettably were not yet proven.

The things they did let me know however was that certain from the hubs (that we think may be the one having DN) was from time to time overloaded sometimes (getting very lengthy ping occasions). However, even if the ping occasions were low I could not enter, therefore it might have been whether router problem or perhaps a server config problem.

I believe we'll allow Matt/Admin to elaborate around the problem.
Initially published by Duster:
Like Judge Judy states on television "beauty is just skin deep but dumb is forever"
I have also heard:
Beauty is just skin deep, but dumb goes completely through!

In either case, you understand. If the site was lower, or at best not available with a areas, it should not be looked at the finish around the globe (check for futher evidence of that prior to getting all excited). Have a deep cleansing breath, and check out back later or the very next day.

Whoops! There goes another $.02!
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