I known as them about 35 several hours ago.
They stated setup within 24 several hours.
I sent a minimum of 5 e-mails to various
addresses on thier system.
I'm still not setup and haven't recieved any response. They were given my money tho!
I said excitedly within the mail I desired to speak urgently re: my 5 domain names.
and transfer issues.. No RESPONSE Did I ruin by selecting the corporation? Let Me Know
(Not permitted with an opinion despite the fact that I've read and examined many reviews concerning the above company)

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I have not been so rudely overlooked by anybody
as I've been with this company.

Thier insufficient response or technical ability
has triggered 4 of my domain names to visit OFFLINE.

After three days of auto responders to my e-mails
I discovered the men phone # known as him both at home and he put a outburst immediatly and stuck
Im hunting for a good host. HELP FAST.
message me at website owner@nightflames.com with the thing you need and I'll discover something which has you up in hrs
Netwiz, I have to contact you. Please email rain@myself.com should you look at this message.

Henrik Petersson
Im in no relation with Matrixcubed and can't speak upon their account, however i am very disturbed with this thread.

1) netwiz: Who the hell would not be bothered if your customer or possible client known as them at their house number? Can One have your telephone number?? Jeez!

2) Matty: For how long have you got a viewpoint?
I am curious to understand the end result of the dilemma netwiz.

I have approached the formentioned hosting company and requested them if they have ever endured you like a customer. They stated that to the very best of their understanding they had not.

What provides you with any right, being the website owner of the host review website, to publish comments on the hosting company inwhich you've got no direct knowledge about? You ought to be embarrassed with yourself and really should observe that that's a prosecutable crime under U . s . States law.
Hi Everybody

I personally use to become the biggest merchant for Interspeed Network, now Hispeed.com

After i went lower to CA to go to the crew, i discovered from their store that matrix is really a merchant of the company, in those days, the only real had about 40 domain names, a lot of them being canceled for warez from interspeed...

I since experienced my own servers and today i've a lot of happy clients

Gary http://www-hosting.net
I didn't remember to say the person running Matrix would be a teen (i believe, although not every sure)


Gary http://www-hosting.net

Client IP:
Pesicoke, considering his apparent and self serving vested interest, is really as completly wrong as you possibly can.

Client IP:
Any you have to be affilated together? Used to do some digging and they're avoid HiSpeed any longer. They're selling for powersurge.internet

I'm just telling the details when i been told by after i would be a merchant for Interspeed.
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