Could someone kindly answer briefly both of these questions:

1. Exactly what is a MIRROR SERVER ?
2. What's the advantage of getting one SERVER ?



1. One server is essentially another server elsewhere around the Net that has exactly the same files as the second server. To ensure the term 'mirrored'. E.g. I may decide to mirror a server located in the US that has game files, and so i generate a games server around australia that has exactly the same files because the server in america.

2. Benefits include :

- Local access occasions are far faster (do not have to wait as lengthy)
- People could be forwarded to the mirror server when the original server goes lower

Disadvantages include :

- Files might be outdated otherwise continuously up-to-date
- Consumes lots of bandwidth particularly if reflecting large zip or executable files
- Requires someone devoted enough to keep the mirror server frequently
- There might not be an apparent advantage in reflecting when the original server has redundant drives, redundant hubs/lines and keeps continuously up-to-date files etc.
Contributing to what BC stated, TUCOWS ( is a great one of the shown site. it's several mirrors in various nations and states to facilitate file transfers. It is advisable to choose one nearest to reduce delays and connectivity problems.

Reflecting among the points BC pointed out, TUCOWS signifies which mirrors are up-to-date more others.
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