I'd like to discuss this along with you over e-mail, when i think I might have the ability to assist you. My e-mail address is Thanks!

Vincent Paglione
I am searching for a webhosting company that may produce the potential of conduct moderated chats every once in awhile.

Things I call moderated chats it's a chance to conduct real-time chats on my small site in which i've one special guest who'll answer the questions in the site visitors. I ought to potentially have to filter the questions sent by site visitors what exactly everybody sees within the chat may be the questions which i provide the OK, and also the answer in the special guest.

If there is no webhosting company that provides this, are you aware a chat that provide me this possibility free of charge?

Thanks ahead of time.
Also interested, e-mail me vincent.

Adam "fibroptikl" Lysne
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