Fortunately, because of Annette's True Hosting archives at technogirl, I have not had the recognition to be a Hosed customer.

However, I've, during my mission for any host, started some correspondance with True Hosting that ultimately brought with a rather pathetic trades. I've not been threatened having a suit yet, but I have been known as (just off the top my mind here...) a "loser", "liar", "idiot", and "stupid". Fantastic rhetoric for any company's image, right?

Nearly the whole conversation could be seen at - link's towards the top of the leading page, can't miss it. After I get time, I'll publish the relaxation. Meanwhile, what's presently there's quite entertaining, for me.

All the best to any or all the present clients. Hope everything works out okay.


Ahem....some guy (don't wanna get "sued")
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