I've been on Vidahost's starter package @ ?2.99 (+vat) per month since 11/11/2011.

My experience continues to be absolutely fantastic.

Moving my website over from these host was performed by their team in a few minutes of investing in my request. My script wouldn't connect with gmail to import emails, works out the main harbour was blocked around the server. From getting in touch with support to getting it resolved required all one minute.

I've not were built with a single second of down time (well, maybe I've, however the website is supervised by 2 different services at minute times with no down-time continues to be recorded).

Moving through cPanel is definitely seriously quick, and so i guess the burden around the servers is optimal.

Only small niggle was getting a very polite indication to pay for my past due invoice after i had ample credit around the account to pay for it. An e-mail to aid relating to this was clarified within ten minutes and sorted. That's seriously badly because it will get.

Vidahost possess a great team, and I can tell myself remaining together for that expected future.

(I'll be confirming my domain towards the mods to prove I'm with Vidahost).
Glad you’re getting a lot of fun together with your host please stop us current and good job vida.
Glad to listen to your provider does a great job! Continue the great work Vidahost!
Thanks Sneaksms
Glad to listen to situations are running smoothly. Always beneficial to listen to reviews that are positive Make sure to stop us up-to-date soon with increased updates!

Just review.Stop us published
Glad to help you are pleased together with your website hosting and in the great work vida!
Glad to listen to you're happy, stop us up-to-date.
Nice review thanks you for discussing.
It's usually great to listen to from somebody that is satisfied with there host. Great work Vidahost.
With the bad reviews about another companies is definitely good to listen to you will find companies doing the work good, continue the great work!
Good to listen to poisitive review with both good and bad details. Please stop us informed regarding your hosting with Vidahost.
Besides, why have you choose them?
Pretty nice that you're taking pleasure in together with your current host, best of luck and us update later on.
I'd certainly agree, there's no competing provider within the United kingdom apart from their very own brands. You cannot fail with one of these people, if you are with another provider - give these men a try. Blazing fast service and support, brilliant throughout. Their clustered hosting is completely fantastic.
Interesting kind review
I've personally never heard about VidaHost... May need to give it a try personally!

Glad you're getting positive feelings regarding your current hosting company!

Where's VidaHost situated?
Where's VidaHost situated?
Maidenhead/Slough/Windsor area
Seeing a number of good reviews about Vidahost recently.
Seeing a number of good reviews about Vidahost recently.
Most likely because of their exceptional care, interest and support for clients Just can't be beaten. It's taken me almost ten years to locate this type of brilliant hosting that is shared provider.
Nearly 5 several weeks with Vidahost now, so that as happy as always.I have experienced a couple of hosts during my time, but Vidahost is the only person that has been faultless.

Uptime appears to become 100% (whenever I have checked when my uptime monitor is confirming down time, will still be working). I have never witnessed server load above 1.7 (16 Processor chips).

Support tickets continue being clarified in a few minutes of submission with REAL solutions (I have only needed to submit questions, instead of support demands though, because the service continues to be that awesome).

I am unsure why they do not obtain the same degree of recommendations as other United kingdom hosts on here. Getting attempted one United kingdom host particularly who ALWAYS will get suggested on here, You can be assured that my knowledge about Vidahost is way better than my knowledge about another host!