Hey all
Just wondering, can some of you assist me to with hosting packages? This is exactly what I want (UNIX prefereably)

A lot more than 250 megs of space
Multiple FTP, POP3, E-mail Lists, Forwarders etc..
CGI, SSI support
Statistics of your website

This is exactly what I favor:
Subdomains for little if any extra charge
Web User Interface
Decent technical support
Cuztomisable 404
Password protected sites

I would like something round the $20 per month ...or around $250 yearly

anybody got any suggestions? I am hoping to get a merchant account with communitech via a merchant...r they worthwhile? And then any comments about www.iwpp.com ? Anybody heard about www.pcisd.com ? The second provide a one month trial BEFORE payment...


Allot of knowledge about our organization are available here. If you want any help just request.
PCISD over billed my charge card to have an account which i cancelled and today ignores my e-mails. It has happened with other people too, they're simply not having to pay the overcharged money they owe.

Read these posts for additional in it.
Well, exist servers fast and reliable? I am destined to be having to pay by check,,,therefore it does not matter in my experience about charge cards
The main reason I left was due to down time, sluggish reactions and they don't backup anything. Once the server crashes, you're left at nighttime.
You are able to click here http://www.pcisd.com/cgi-bin/Ultraboard/UltraBoard.pl to determine our down time (under 1% I believe)A lot of it being server crashes.

You may also click here to educate yourself on our backup system for major issues (problems)

Unsure what sluggish means but our response time is above average.


Please visit us: http://www.veoweb.net

Try Virtual-Metropolitan areas.internet I'm located together as well as their services are great, I'm also likely to get located at LinuxWebHost.com however they don't provide much technical support when i often hear I do not need much support anyway.
Hey visit http://www.canaca.com. Home theater system . won't be sorry. They're only 22.95/mth without any setup costs plus they offer all of the features you would like. 350mb space, limitless data, etc. etc.

allow me to read your comments
Careful of canaca.com for a few reasons:
They're merchants for communitech.net (check their Ip--it's possessed by communitech.net). Additionally they offer plans which are just like the communitech.net merchant plans. This may be an issue because if you purchase from their store and they permit you to re-sell under their merchants agreement, and they either leave communitech.net or make a move that will get them began, you lose not just your bank account but all accounts you've sold again (because canaca had sold again these to you and they've to have their account open for your account to stay open). Additionally they publish numerous questions in communitech's support forums (including one worrying about communitech's title finding yourself in the header of the email that visited their customers):
Any E-mail which was delivered to me at canaca.com included these details by using it, in the finish from the page.
From sandrolina@sympatico.ca Mon May 31 01:22:10 1999
Return-Path: &ltsandrolina@sympatico.ca&gt
Received: from smtp11.bellglobal.com ([]) by mars.communitech.net Mon, 31 May 1999 01:22:10 -600
Received: from sandro.bellglobal.com (HSE-TOR-ppp35061.sympatico.ca [])
by smtp11.bellglobal.com (8.8.5/8.8.5) with SMTP id CAA13945
for &ltcanaca@canaca.com&gt Mon, 31 May 1999 02:24:51 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: &lt4.1.19990531022337.0093a1e0&gt
X-Sender: b1pjfo06@pop1.sympatico.ca
X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Home windows Eudora Professional Version 4.1
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 02:23:49 -0700
To: canaca@canaca.com
From: sandrolina &ltsandrolina@sympatico.ca&gt
Mime-Version: 1.
Content-Type: text/plain charset="us-ascii"

I additionally would believe that our clients got exactly the same factor.

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What troubles me most about canaca.com is they also operate underneath the domain title nortel.to. Nortel is really a large communications corporation which will most likely require kindly with a merchant of website hosting utilizing their good title and status to re-sell hosting while pretending that they're the particular proprietors from the servers. Once the real Nortel come lower on canaca.com's nortel.to spend, well...I'd hate to become based on these to be selling services in my experience to ensure that I kind re-sell these to some poor slob who does not know enough to completely take a look at their host...
Just my 2 cents.
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