Hey all,
Just question whether anybody can display me the Stages in establishing this site (using the domain title I registered with 000Domanins.com) during my Personal Server that is running during my PC (WIN98)? And i'm using cable modem along with a static Ip and constant connection.

I understand I must point the DNS in the my registrar (000Domains.com within this situation)to my Web service provider domain title right? However in the registrar site, it requested me to enter in the "Server Hostname" not the Ip! I e-mailed 000Domains.com, plus they responded me the next:

First are looking for a title server or run your personal title server. You'll
place the title server information while using Domain Manager. Your site visitors will
get the IP in the title server.

You are able to request your Web service provider to make use of their title server or setup a merchant account
and among the free DNS services (for example mydns.com/myinternet.com)

To modify your title servers:
Login to Domain Manager, making use of your domain title, account information.
Click the "Name Servers" link at the very top. Within the next screen replace the
primary and secondary title servers with individuals of the hosting company's title
servers after which click Save Configuration. It might take as much as 24 hrs for
the alterations being effective.

Later, I visited http://www.dhs.org/ to register free of charge DNS service. And That I produced a brand new the blow DNS:

Hostname: CC2000-a (the title of my computer)
IP: (my Static Ip)
Mail Exchanger: (left blank)

Next, I returned to 000Domains.com to set up the brand new DNS server that is CC2000-a.dhs.org...IT DIDN"T WORK! Incidentally, 000Domains.com requested Primary and Secondary DNS Server!!! How do you fix the issues?

I most likely did a problem...make sure you advise

Interesting time.

Use www.mydomain.com, a totally free service that solves your condition. After this you enter ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com at 000domains.
Yeah, I understand! But there's electric power charge of $39 each year to make use of the service - "mydns" service(following the free trial)!

Say I personally use mydomain.com, will i simply need to enter my Ip of my PC..that's all?

The hostname may be the title of the domain not the title/hostname of the computer. Produce a DNS record for the domain and point it for your IP (eg. hostname:hostinvestigator.com ip: hostname:www.hostinvestigator.com ip: Then improve your domain records to suggest towards the DNS server hosting the domain/IP info.

Note: After contributing to the dns server it will require a couple of hrs to update. After altering your domain record it might take up to 72hrs to full update through the internet, because of IP caching etc... So once you have completed the above mentioned steps provide a couple of days.

Also observe that the DNS server particulars you transformed/up-to-date at 000domains.com are wrong you ought to have joined the next:


Whether it justs request for hostname don't type IP too.
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