Could someone recommend hosts for any site to stream video when needed? I've got a 13:10 min film I wish to stream both in Real and Media Player at 56k and subsequently greatest rate (100k I believe.)

I do not need any encoding or development help. I would like 100MB disk space and I have been guessimating that I'll need 30-50 GB/mo. transfer minimum (more is much better as I wish to make certain I do not get hammered by download costs whether it becomes mildly popular). If at all possible Let me keep your cost within the $30./mo - $40./mo range.

An ecommerce feature within the package could be nice. Any suggestions?

Regrettably with this quantity of needed bandwidth, that shuts almost all virtual hosting accounts from your range, because the most is generally no more than 20 GB. You will have to consider moving to some devoted server and investing at the minimum around $99-200/month. The e-comm package will even add further costs.

Also, any 'unlimited bandwidth' host will be prevented, due to the fact 95% of times you will see a pre-determined bandwidth limit enforced with a host. (usually 5-20 gb anyway)
Rather than streaming what about permitting downloads? Thats things i wound up doing in most cases finish track of 6-8 gigs of transfer per month.
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