First I published here because I am confused because of so many webhostings as well as their plans, in addition, i seldom have any details about what type of stats they are using. And So I think requesting your thinking this is actually the easiest way.

Maybe I'd better tell my needs:
1. Good statistic, I question if there is a webhosting with webtrends (with my budget requirement, I do not think there's any). I additionally come with an experience with a decent stat, I didn't remember the title, I believe it's 'Live Stats' (however i question if the stat is just for NT hosting). Another stats like WUSAGE, http-evaluate, Website Reporter cannot meet my requirement, so do not produce any webhosting suggestion by using this stat.

2. Little space, 50-100MB is sufficient

3. Minimum 6GB traffic limit

4. Max payment per month $20 (it isn't needed though)

5. Fast connection, no T1 please

For those who have any experience on webhostings that have above features, please let me know in here and please cc to my email on idwi@yahoo.com.

Thanks ahead of time.

Just curious, but what information are you currently searching for that http-evaluate can't provide you with?

Mike Astin
Interland had Webtrends a couple of years back after i sold again on their behalf. I wouldn't recommend them though because of billing and technical support issues that I'd. In justness, these complaints were years back however.
Used to do enjoy the stats program though!

Chuck Fox
I presently host with Interland. They are doing have WebTrends, and therefore are really focusing on moving the latest version on all their servers. (See report.interland.com). For the cost, it's a bit more than $20 per month for those who have a 6 GB minimum requirement. I am sure they are able to arrange to help you to on their own minimal plan and merely purchase extra bandwidth. Interland comes with an OC-48 experience of multiple T-3's with other backbones or something like that like this. It's all regulated on their own page. They likewise have a web-based support center just in case you do not like speaking to individuals. Getting spoken to many quickly there, I've discovered that individuals tickets are passed around until someone who understands how to solve that specific problem will get check in and resolves it. I have discovered that the standard turnaround time is all about 24-48 hrs approximately. Their phone support has become better though... lower from an hour or so . 5 hold occasions a couple of several weeks ago to immediate solutions. I've anxiously waited as lengthy as twenty minutes once recently, but nevertheless, still it outperform securing having a couple other website hosts I attempted. Hope this can help!
The referer url and/or domain &ltu&gtper day&lt/u&gt

Initially published by MikeA:
Just curious, but what information are you currently searching for that http-evaluate can't provide you with?

Most statistics software can show url referrer etc.. although some people might hosts turn this logging feature off and away to lessen the burden around the server.

Hostrocket.com includes a plan which has almost two times the storage and transfer you would like for 9.95 per month. I have never personally located together however i hear they've good service (Alabanza servers).

You may not think we're that stupid? Here you if you have no personal expertise together after which at http://www.webhostingtalk.com/ubb/Fo...ML/000036.html
you say you're employed on their behalf. Yes, it's the same person... Have you bother to appear towards the bottom from the message where it records your Ip?

You simply screwed yourself over in my opinion... Home theater system . run your organization with similar ethics you demonstrated here, laying for your clients! Just hold back until someone occurs this board varieties and asks regarding your company...

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