I had been just checking the FAQ at Dialtone Internet, when i frequently do in order to stay current on things. Since two more pages were added, I required a glance whatsoever the brand new products. One of these is one thing which will interest high traffic servers.

DI calls it their Bandwidth Shaping program. It enables their clients to cap their costs for bandwidth and it is an alternative choice to their 95%ile program.

This means that any customer of the clients presently has a range of the 2 bandwidth usage techniques, all in the same company. Together with their recent increase from 50 to 65 gb, this can be a terrific enhancement within their service.

Are you currently colocating or have you got a devoted server through Dialtone? I'm thinking about setting up a server there down the road possibly as a way of guaranteeing stability.
Devoted right now. Eventually, I'll colocate together, but I've got a much more to understand first.
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