We're a non-profit teacher organization searching for a trusted website hosting company. I stress the realiblity due to the issues we're getting with *****. I figured I'd done my homework by thinking about Interland. In the end, it had been chosen #1 by PC Magazine. Now I just read the advertising boards and also have discovered that Interland has already established lots of problems.

All I want is really a solid, stable website hosting company for less than 40 dollars per month that will give to us some decent features (Unix based). There exists a small forum and that we will also be running Link 2. cgi script (not really a resource hog).

You are able to most likely sense the frustration I'm feeling with selecting a website hosting company. More research seems to guide to more conflicting reviews.

Recommendations and alerts relating to website hosting companies could be greatly appreciated.

Well, you can test out http://www.hostcaters.com and http://www.superior-host.com

I understand the proprietors of both places, they've fast Alabanza servers, extremely fast support and incredibly reliable. Send them an email with a lot of questions and they'll reply rapidly and professionaly.

I believe both of them offer 30 days cash back guarantee too so that you can have a look and obtain a refund in case your disatisfied.
Kevin - you need to have the ability to look for a decent host for the reason that proce range. You might like to consider Whitened Lake Web (http://www.whitelakeweb.com), when i believe Tina gives discount rates for non-profits (you might want to email her and verify this). WLW has received some very good reviews, too.

Best of luck.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.

Annette -

Only a friendly question. Just a little off-subject, however i have to request.

Everybody appreciate's the part in regards to you mentioning clients with other hosting company's. Personally, i believe it is great, and you've got certainly acquired lots of credibility within this aspect beside me.

But personally I'd be telling people, in the future Register Beside Me!, lol.

Well I suppose, we're just different for the reason that aspect.

All for the time being.
LOL, fiber. Wouldn't desire to be charged with bombarding, now, would I? Besides, people arrived at our website to visit us according to the things they see here. When they like what we should offer, I am all on their behalf registering. But when we do not have what they desire, I'd rather discover their whereabouts find yourself elsewhere that's also trustworthy rather than getting burned (possibly again, for a number of them). And hey - I would not stop others from saying advantages to us, when they decide to toot our horn.

We currently return you to definitely your regularly scheduled subject.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.
I think you will find this quite interesting. I moved my domain from site5 to aplushosting.com (http://www.aplushosting.com) they've luxurious plan that is 34.95 plus they offer from miva to asp which is unix based. They set-up my account within ten minutes i got devoted ip.

Vlad Gil

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In line with the criteria that you simply pointed out, I've got a recommendation that will often be something worth considering.

My current webhost, ThinkHost.com, continues to be absolutely fabulous when it comes to support. I own a really new website that is presently under development. Via a BBS, I found know who owns ThinkHost, Mr. Davidzon. Since moving to their infrastructure a week ago, I've been more than pleased with both their technical expertise as well as their support. The corporation provides ..... through reliable and fast hardware equipment AND first and foremost, caring and respectful support.

E-mail Mr. Davidzon at davidzon@thinkhost.com
He'll take good proper care of you.
I am presently with JRC-Hosting. I had been an ex TrueHosting and BurstNET client and that i had bad knowledge about TH. And So I visited JRC-Hosting. Dork of JRC-Hosting clarified my questions extremely fast. He responded within 15min after i e-mailed him. Now I believe JRC-Hosting provide the best cost/give you support can discover there. He cares alot about his clients. All his clients gave JRC-Hosting a ten rating. You can observe it here: http://www.jrc-hosting.com/reviews.htm

If you are going to register. State that Scott Intarapanont or iRebound.com suggested you. And also you will not need to pay for set-up fee.

Best Of Luck!
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