Because the U . s . States has turned into a increasingly more unstable country regarding towards the freedom of knowledge, freedom of speech, privacy, which is also approving a couple of quantity of frightening laws and regulations, there might be multiple people thinking about offshore servers/website hosts. Despite Uk appears to become a little more stable country with this particular regard when in comparison to U.S. I am unsure whether it would fit perfectly on some individuals anxiety about this respect ? Personally, I don' think so. I do not how Canada, Germany along with a couple of other nations uses to operate on these subjects, a lot of you're without a doubt an infinitely more reliable person to talk and supply us some advices about these regards on other nations.

Please, bear in mind by using this thread I am not speaking about hosting porn, warez, bad contents, etc? I am speaking about finding website hosts for hosting legit contents, but outdoors US, United kingdom or other country that's presently acting such as the U . s . States because of the "sense of instability/insecurity" these stupid Government's actions and laws and regulations cause on a lot of us. It does not matter if the organization is physically situated at US, United kingdom, etc., however it matter when the servers are ? I realize that the company situated at US or United kingdom possessing offshore servers may act accordingly the united states or United kingdom laws and regulations which situation it might be also bad ? But as many will not, we are able to title individuals companies we're in some way sure we are able to depend on.

I apologize relating to this thread, I do not feel great posting it, however, many individuals don't feel at ease hosting their files, websites and contents generally in US along with a couple of other nations any longer because of those things and laws and regulations of the couple of stupid political figures within the title of the couple of companies.

I realize that some may reason that "if you aren't doing anything wrong, you might not possess a factor to bother with". Yes, you're right but it's not the purpose here? The thing is that any Government that start doing frightening things such those you'll find around the 15 threads below, might not be a trusted country for a lot of us (not speaking concerning the people obviously, because the huge majority are extremely nice people).

Could we title non US, United kingdom (or similar Government authorities) website hosts, therefore we might have other available choices when selecting our next hosting company?

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Here you go a listing from another thread in which a user requests specific services. Please, observe that that one is really a generalist list, and never for specific services.

Here's my current list, but I am searching for option to these too.

Iceland =
Sweden =
Germany =
Sweden =
Sweden =
Sweden =
Netherlands =
Malaysia =
Netherlands =
Hi henrique-s:
Are you able to please tell us what issues you may be facing at this time as to provide you with a much better feedback?
Hi Amanah,

I haven't any website with something relevant now. But the way in which the Govt is acting these past couple of several weeks is in some way difficult to digest. So, basically had something highly relevant to host, hosting something in U.S. could be my last choice nowadays.

Many Brazilians comes with an U.S. host company account and a minimum of at the forums you can observe lots of people concerned to those subjects. You can discover that exactly the same very factor are happening in other nations, I am talking about - These worries mainly about U.S. That's sad it's by doing this, but it's fact.

So, a listing might be helpful for those individuals that do not feel conformable hosting their websites in U.S., U.K., along with other nations which is commonly in some way unstable using the subjects in concern.
Cant you host in your area in South america?
Yes, I'm able to get it done without a doubt, consider I'd my fisrt website (around) in 1996 I decided a business in US. Since that time I am accustomed to hire our mate's services within the North.

I'll lead having a Brazilian list. However cannot assure the standard of the services as I have not used them. Despite I did not utilize it, I'll attempt to choose individuals ones that individuals use to approve them here.
Amanah, as you are in Toronto and most likely there might be a number of other from Canada, would you inform us a little more how reliable Canada use to become if this involves the liberty of knowledge, freedom of speech, privacy which subjects covered around the subject?
@OP: Thank you for beginning this thread. I've been searching for the identical companies while you and never about hosting individuals kinds of content you pointed out but freedom of expression, press, etc. Are we able to also add for locating domain registrars and DNS hosting that's non-US/United kingdom also?

It would be great laurcada!
If it's permitted, Let me share some comments about two findings published on another thread.

Seeing these kind of threads much more recently.
Yes, since that the onshore company can assure the customer they will not provide/release any information to anybody nor any authority, there's an industry waiting to become satisfied as there's no will need a company that will help local government bodies or whatever to screw the customer around the minor legal pressure. So, if the onshore company has the capacity to keep your client safe with an offshore server all these instabilities such as the ones there has been in U.S., then this is an excellent company to visit – Otherwise, it might be a poor choice…

However , some companies or many people could start declaring that they'll get it done, but exactly how sure can a customer actually cover it thinking about the onshore law?

I'm not sure the way it focus on US, United kingdom, or any other nations but when I'd a webhost in South america with offshore servers I'd bring in help on that selected country as well as at a different one, and delegate the duty to him/her. Within the situation that somebody or any stupid authority began pressuring me I'd simple let them know to maneuver away and annoy another person abroad when i weren't the main one responsible with that -)

Obviously I would not keep your client's information in your area, but when I desired it, I'd ensure that it stays within high file encryption so anybody might have no use of it. Here you've simply no obligation to inform something that could compromise you or compromise the consumerOranother person – Because of it, there'd be not a way to decrypt the data or screw the clients through 'my hands' – They'd be safer within the situation of the local seizure or something like that like so.

Company, I'd do each one of these thinking about that client were really not doing anything like disbursing bad contents, warez, etc.

I apologize I am unable to express much better this because of my poor British but… Would something similar to the work in U.S, U.K, Canada, Germany, etc.?

I am speaking about finding website hosts for hosting legit contents, but outdoors US, United kingdom or other country that's presently acting such as the U . s . States because of the "sense of instability/insecurity" these stupid Government's actions and laws and regulations cause on a lot of us.
Can you choose to title 1 legitimate site which was shutdown by "these stupid Government's actions" in americaOrUnited kingdom? With no, MegaUpload wasn't the best site, with their proprietors uploading unlicensed material into it.

Meanwhile, you will need to add a number of more nations aside from the US/United kingdom for your list.

In Germany you will find the Access Impediment Act. Search leads to Germany and France are positively censored per government directive.

In France should you violate somebody's copyright 3 occasions (think 3 DMCA notices) you receive a lifetime prohibit from being able to access the web. This Year the Constitutional Council of France validated Article 4 from the LOPPSI 2 law, therefore permitting blocking the web with no justice decision. The strained sites blacklist in France is underneath the charge of the Secretary of state for the inside with no independent monitoring. A June 2011 draft executive order applying Article 18 from the Law for Rely upon digital Economy (LCEN) gives several French government ministries the energy to limit online content “in situation of breach, or where there's a significant chance of breach, from the upkeep of public order, the security of minors, the security of public health, the upkeep of interests from the national defense, or even the protection of physical persons."

Within the Netherlands the federal government has purchased the nation-wide obstructing of countless websites, and also the Public District attorney has the legal right to close lower websites with no intervention of the judge.

Government agents in Sweden have grabbed 100s of servers without warning owned by major ISP's there.

It's also generally known that China, Iran, and Australia also positively participate in Internet Censorship, together with other nations - you are able to make reference to for additional on might other nations.

So, you need to rephrase your question to "Hosting outdoors The United States, South Usa, the center East, the majority of Europe, Oceania, the majority of Africa, and many of Asia."

Or you might just overcome your absurd paranoia, go without your container-foil hat, and keep doing business as always like the majority of everybody else is.
So, you need to rephrase your question to "Hosting outdoors The United States, South Usa, the center East, the majority of Europe, Oceania, the majority of Africa, and many of Asia."
Appears like you will find still a couple of other available choices then.
Thank you for discussing the Wikipedia link and adding with a few content!
That worth to see...
Freedom is essential but within the last years it had been exchanged in many nations in support of national and "security " interest or worst with a financial aspects interests.
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