I simply examined to use thier special promotion free of charge domain title registeration and find out how thier system works and to date very good...

You purchase a domain and 3 months free of charge, you then pay $30 for other 9 several weeks ... However, I'll might discontiune it because $30 is simply too much!

ALSO: Did I metion they provides you with free domain title should you pay $30, is a tale?

Yet, I'm experimenting with NSI and find out the way they go. If you wish to try the promotion, the URL is:

Best of luck men and tell me how yours goes too!


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That isn't really free, it is simply a deferred payment. The term free continues to be much mistreated. This means cost-free with no obligation. Thus, lots of "free" services on the internet, including hosting, aren't free, they're just cost-free, since there's usually an advertisement banner or similar condition. The ad free version normally has an economic cost mounted on it.

This really is another corruption from the word free. Who's really getting a website reputation for only 3 months for serious reasons?
Olympic Page for that September Olympic games. Dedication site for many approaching concert.

Hey there's always some remote possibility. )))

Duster comes with an excellent point though.
Initially published by PerhapsSomeone:
Olympic Page for that September Olympic games. Dedication site for many approaching concert.
But who will probably be foolish enough to hang about until 3 months or less to advertise this kind of event on the internet?

Regardless of how you decipher it, it simply will work better to invest $12-$15 at the better registrars and obtain a website reputation for annually and have the time to advertise a once short resided event. Else, there's little sense in visiting the cost of building an internet site.

There might be somebody that would take advantage of NSIs offer, but generally, it's a gimmick with questionable, most likely minimal, value.


To be sure however the domain I register was junk .. I had been testing the waters!

However, I aint having to pay it anyway..

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