Since you may read during my other publish about WeGotWeb, I want a brand new host. Frantically.

Listed here are the primary features I'm searching for:

1. ASP support (obviously!): Incorporated
2. 300-500 megabytes disk space : Incorporated
3. Subdomains with matching FTP accounts (Provided webspace to artists free of charge, a minimum of 8): Incorporated a treadmill-time fee
4. E-mail lists (a minimum of 5): Incorporated
5. Minimum 30 POP3 Accounts : Incorporated
6. Decent bandwidth limits
7. Domain sending for .net, .org, misspellings, etc. : Incorporated a treadmill-time fee
8. Use of raw logs in order to live stats
9. Index Server
10. Custom Error pages

Any assistance is much appreciated! Thanks Thanks Thanks

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Give a go. I believe they're pretty new, but to date, so great. My website is presently located on their own 2000 servers, and I've had no problems whatsoever.

Jason Ellis may be the Boss and that he appears very friendly and knowledgeable. I met him at in the scriptkeeper boards.

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