Just went across this website yesterday also it looks quite interesting.

Take a look at Qarbon at http://www.qarbon.com

The corporation is an expert in building, posting and syndicating little java-based lessons known as "viewlets" on 100s of subjects. Should you register like a partner and publish their lessons in your site, you get 25% from the ad banner revenues produced whenever your site visitors make use of the lessons. The lessons are very well-done, too.

Take a look at their online library. Under "Web Design", I see lessons for Frontpage, Dreamweaver, GoLive, Hotdog, America online Press, Fireworks, Illustrator yet others. Underneath the "Internet" category, lessons in WS-FTP, CuteFTP, and DirectFTP.

Here's how I can tell them helping a hosting merchant. By posting a web-based lessons section that consists of a library of relevant Qarbon viewlets at the website, clients uses the lessons and request less questions individuals, clearing your time. Additionally, you receive one more revenue stream.

Seems like victory-win situation for those.

Additionally, you are able to download the Viewlet Builder and make your personal viewlets. Publish them to Qarbon for distribution. If others download and employ your lessons, you receive 40% from the ad revenue produced from their store.

Imagine building some viewlets on ways to use the Alabanza user interface and just how many merchants (as well as their clients) would rely on them and you will suppose it could equal to a good buck.

I am not associated with them in almost any fashion. I'm just very impressed with one of these viewlets and Qarbon's business modela and thought others here ought to know about the subject.


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I simply downloaded the Viewlet creation software. It's a very interested concept and program. The only real factor I don't like concerning the editing software is it is designed in Java and therefore is extremely slow.

Frank Rietta

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If it is what Im thinking this will make it I've some graphics buddies which use this for many of the lessons plus they like it.Just link..Im likely to take a look shortly.

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