Does anybody have experience selling for Powersurge? If that's the case, whatrrrs your opinion?

Hi, I've had experience selling with this company... It wasn't a really positive one. One one account, they pointed a couple of different domain names that belongs to them into it, and that we got lots of email from who owns individuals domain names. Also, they transformed their prices all of a sudden upon us on a single of the plans (from $10 to $15). After I said excitedly this might cost me clients, they explained something like: "If the client is not prepared to pay $5 more, you most likely do not want them like a customer anyway". There have been another things, too, for example (sometimes) slow account configurations/support.

You may even want to look at:

** EDIT: One factor I didn't remember to say, sendmail on their own servers didn't work constantly I had been there. I e-mailed them, as well as setup a course to allow them to test the sendmail program, but they couldn't discover exactly what the problem was. I additionally have a friend who located there who had been with an NT server, coupled with issues with ASP. From what he informs me, the technicians told him there has to be an issue with his coding. He'd several experts take a look, plus they all stated it had been fine... he later moved it to a different host, without altering the coding, also it labored perfectly.

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Heh, I am the one which John is speaking about using the ASP probs there. He's 100% correct. That *exact* same ASP code that allegedly triggered many problems at PowerSurge continues to be running perfectly at another host (Intermedia) for well more than a year now. My code wasn't the issue - PowerSurge's setup was. These were very rude about it too. There are many better options available.
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