NT or Unix hosting, with $30 for that newbie. Anybody have knowledge about them?

Sounds too good to be real, in my experience.

2GB "free" xfer, but what goes on when you are over?

They are prices is confusing also: They discuss the very first 12 several weeks free without any monthly costs, then you definitely go lower for their prices also it states $96 yearly, $10 fee every month. It may be taken that you simply spend the money for $96 annual fee, plus $10 every month (total $216/year). If that is the situation, why don't you just say it? When not, they ought to alter the
"Regularly only $96 yearly, should you register now, you receive the first 12 Several weeks Totally Free OF MONTHLY CHARGES!!!!!"
to state 'completely free from any charges.'

They should be a bit more obvious within their claims... but that is just my estimation!

Concerning the 2GB limit,
"Up to 2GB of bandwidth is free of charge monthly (this really is data moved out of your site), beyond this the price is $6 per GB. You'll receive notification for those who have reviewed the 2GB limit."

I want an internet site for privateOrloved ones use. I do not think I'll ever come near to the 2GB, but when I happen to talk about, $5 a GB appears to become standard so $6 is not crazy.

Concerning the costs,
Around the register page it states:
"After the first 12 several weeks free, would you like to pay yearly or monthly?
Yearly it is $96, monthly it is $10 monthly - this isn't charged until after your 12 free several weeks. "

I have seen other sites offering $99 annually concentrating on the same features, so $96 does not appear that bad. Especially because the newbie is only going to cost $30.

Has anybody had a real knowledge about these men?

Many thanks
Yes, $6/GB is fairly good.

I had been just mentioning their site leaves just a little to become preferred if this involves clearness. In certain website hosts cases, this ensures they are not so trustworthy. I'm not proclaiming that that's the situation with that one, only attempting to show him so people can be familiar with it making their very own conclusions.

Just info!
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