We're searching for some other staff to moderator this forum, the host database and review database. All moderating is internet based (i.e. completed in your browser, no FTPing or anything complicated)

If interested please email: matt@hostinvestigator.com

I've observed this fourm isn't popular up-to-date much whenever you had that old design ... I question what went down ...

Meed for Other staff is type of risk job, you realize! Best of luck pazl
Matt (Matty),
I'd want to consider moderating but it's quite upsetting you have this type of good product but this type of less than professional approach. You're constantly making negative comments (rumored and/or fact) about website hosts. This does not help everyone. You need to know around anybody that each single webhost, Web service provider, or any service related company which has any substantial quantity of clients has individuals past or current clients which had a poor experience and also have bad items to say. To be sure that some are worst than the others however, many occasions it's a mixture of the client being unsure of how you can do somehing or expecting a lot more than the things they taken care of and also the webhost being overloaded and never reacting using the preferred answer. You receive that which you taken care of!!! But, it might be to your advantage being much more of a internet professional than the usual ring master and troublemaker.
I observe that your marketers will always be given good reviews on your part. Do not state that if *****, Matrixcubed, Half Cost wanted to provide you with high advertising revenue you would not accept and many likely you'd improve your tone in your comments. Your marketer PCISD, is very less than professional once they publish for this fourm and complain about *****, another webhost, for threating to consider law suit for his low attack he earned about the subject when it comes to *****'s recent problems. Did they visit the bottom from the pit and phone *****'s clients to change for them??? Is PCISD jealous they do not have that lots of clients and it'll sure be funny once the day comes they have hardware problems since all hosts may have a tragedy of some kind eventually. I'm not sure who published that but they have to notice that posting negative comments about anybody or company can effortlessly result in slander lawsuits. This isn't as being a bully but it's the clear way of business and it has been made by numerous companies thoughout the planet for comments produced in print, tv, radio, and also the internet isn't any different.
The above mentioned description of both you and your pals cause you to and them lower snakes than you're making the hosts to be that you simply comment about.
To begin with all we wouldn't allow ***** to market around and that we have constantly overlooked their demands to promote. Similarly for MatrixCubed, I will not get into explanations why about this subject.

All marketers do not get good reviews, this really is nonsense. However a great number of our marketers are extremely trustworthy companies, you can't deny this. And quite a few of approved information mill not marketers.

Lots of hosts will have problems, everybody nearly may have a minumum of one negative customer, but site visitors should be cautioned via either the forum or even the customer review section if your clients are well below componen, I do not see in which the trouble making makes it.

We're able to easily are a $$$ hosting directory and scrap the reviews and forum, however, many people prefer it by doing this, if that is less than professional then so be.

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No comments by what everyone stated. But based on all of the website hosting directory websites i'd went. They're just attempting to earn $ for his or her websites. I'm not looking to get favours from Matt, but things i am saying comes from the foot of my heart. No hosting directory is ever going to spend some time seriously investigate a number and publish the outcomes online or email. Nobody will. But posting hosting reviews about other website hosting companies have to be investigate throughly and thoroughly or it'll tarnish its status. Some clients have negative comments regarding their host. However It Might be problems on their own finish. Not its host. I really hope this factor helps you to obvious up everything.

Matty just interested in what can be stated of the host as slow to reply to an e-mail as you've been in this subject?
Matty, I must assist you with this website in almost any way possible. I'd ideas about beginning a website much like yours, however I discovered that one. And I wouldn't prefer to contend with you. Let me terminate all bad hosting-services, have them from the market. And i am not speaking in regards to a couple of days postponed support or something like that like this, Im speaking about website hosts with serious troubles(like matrixcubed for instance).
I wish to help people, so that they don't result in the same mistake when i did(pick the wrong webhost).

So, can there be in whatever way I will help you with this particular site? please drop a mail to rain@myself.com

Henrik Petersson
to web independent (yet others)

You're wrong, pure and straightforward. The negative comments improvised assist the public. They are able to help others avoid hosts in which the service and attitude are poor, like my encounters with AIT and Media 3.

Read all of the glowing comments you want on other "rating" sites, many of which are simply compensated advertising and truly mislead the general public.

I too had considered beginning an identical site to spare others from making similar mistakes, until I had been told about that one. The truth that I just read some under flattering remarks about among the sponsor sites is really a testament that this isn't another misleading site, only one in which the truth are available, a minimum of from the certain perspective. You sure will not think it is of all of individuals other sites.

Any reasonably intelligent person already recognizes that any organization might have dissatisfied clients and can take individuals comments advisedly. However, when there's a lot of dissatisfied clients, or even the offense continues to be especially egregious, listening to it may spare others from creating a pricey mistake. If only I'd known the reality earlier and prevented the hosts I selected. Because of this website and also the comments onto it, I stand an improved chance of creating my next alter the 4g iphone I must make.
Cleanup the slander or someone will give you to the court.
&ltsigh&gt Please discover the distinction between "slander" and "libel" before you begin even hinting about court action. Oh -- and it is neither whether it's true.
It had not been an indication to not the next:

HostInvestigator is an atmosphere for unproven slander towards Web Hosting Companies. And Web Hosting Companies only defense for this is law suit.
And what is the website owners defence agains bad hostingcompanies?
Easy, change hosts.

This is not brain surgery.
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