Hi men,

Can One obtain a clarification on which is and isn't permitted when it comes to offers in here.

Should you pop through a few of the recent posts you will see Vince from jtan.com offering help on a few of the demands for assistance.

I quote in the publish 'Stable host required' :

Maybe the JTAN ProWeb account? PHP, mySQL, CGI, SSI, Limitless Subdomains and foreign DNS is offered. The cost is $22.99 per month. Take a look at www.jtan.com, or e-mail me at vince@jtan.com to learn more.

Although I've not a problem together, I ought to explain the Advertising forum states in the blurb to 'post your advertisements/offers here'.

Real question is : do Vince's posts contravene the recommendations, and consequently, really should the offers be published within the *advertising* forum? Or are Vince's posts technically OK? I truly don't mind in either case but I am curious in regards to what the state lines are (as well as the other regulars think).


P.S. Nothing personally against you Vincent, I simply take some clarification.

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I'm very sorry basically go from the recommendations. I had been reading through through a few of the subjects and so i responded individually to some couple of posts here with reactions about JTAN.

If this isn't permitted, I'll take away the posts.

Vincent Paglione

No problem. I am very doubtful whether you've breached any recommendations anyway, however i thought it may be best when we have it clarified from Admin for good.

Okay. I did not mean to interrupt any rules here ... I'd be more than pleased to get rid of my posts if it's from the rules, Adam.

Vincent Paglione
You realize BC you might have a place. But is spam shipped to ur mailbox just cuz u request it to prevent. No. You have to examine the negative and positive stuff here and dont react to somethings. Dont take this message the wrong manner. However the forum i believe will get increased traffic than other areas from it. I dont choose to search for host here basically did i visits advirisment section but allows avoid seeing this forum go helter skelter.
I kinda am curoius if matt will email u back! I totaly support u BC!!

Don't be concerned about removing you for the time being, a minimum of until we obtain confirmation from Matt.


An alternate workaround (if Matt made the decision the offers needed to visit the Offers/Advertisements forum) is always to only have the webhost (e.g. Vincent) indicate the sale within the other forum having a link. However, to be really honest, I believe that's going a tad too extreme, so I am departing this open because it is.

With no, It's my job to do not take msgs the wrong manner, due to there being never anything accomplished because of it (unless of course I are actually tired of course, as evidenced by my restrained episode at Burst a couple of subjects back )
That message isn't permitted, due to the fact there a a large number of website hosts moving this board and when all of them published reactions like this it might become a billboard thread, this forum isn't a spot for getting clients for nought. With that said it's difficult to draw the road in regards to what is suitable, because the thread is requesting reactions and person has choosen to cover his e-mail address, I'd be breaking privacy laws and regulations basically un-tied that. Within the situation where &ltb&gtno e-mail continues to be left&lt/b&gt, the individual is &ltb&gtclearly searching for reactions from website hosting&lt/b&gt as well as your company &ltb&gtcan satisfy their needs&lt/b&gt companies you might publish your website or e-mail address, but little else.
Thanks Admin. That is what I figured may have been the situation.
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