Hello this really is Mike and that i were built with a devoted server with www.whhq.net. I registered using their free devoted server on May 25, 2000 early each morning. I requested them when they might get it ready to go Friday 26 at 4:00 P.M EST. I checked my mail to ascertain if it had been ready Friday. Nothing. I known as their number plus they explained it ought to be up at 5:00 tonight and you'll obtain a email with all the information. I checked at 5:00 to ascertain if I hade anything. I anxiously waited until 5:25. 5 minutes before they closed. They stated there putting up at this time and explained to check on my mail around 6:00. I anxiously waited and anxiously waited through the night for my server information. I didn't have it that evening whatsoever. I known as there pager, 2 amounts, and that i e-mailed them Saturday or sunday. Nobody acquired or known as me back. I known as WHHQ Monday around 1:00 P.M EST. They stated sorry for that delay my spouse merely has an infant and also the server won't be up to tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at 9:00. I had been gone the entire day in school. I checked back at 4:00. I finally experienced my server information. I just read time they sent it in my experience. It read 11:32. These were couple hrs off. So already they're type of bad services but wait there's more that happened. After I got the server information I place it within the FTP to determine everything and also to determine everything was working. Well everything wasn't working. I possibly could not upload files it provided permission refused. I known as WHHQ at 4:10 asking when they could fix might asking in which the user interface is situated. They explained it ought to be up a while before 6:00 tonight. I known as them 3 occasions 4:20-5:30 plus they explained they where uploading it at this time. I checked within the server at 6:30 P.M to determine in which the user interface was situated. There is NO user interface. They stated they'd of arrange it. I known as back the following day (Thursday) same factor happened no user interface and explained it ought to be ready at 5:30 P.M. I anxiously waited through the night. Still nothing within the server. Following day I known as them plus they stated it had been ready also it was situated inside my IP. And So I visited the user interface to login. Then you know what happened? Password was incorrect. Therefore the person I had been dealing with put me on hold. I had been on hold for around 25 minutes. I stuck finally since the phone was harming my ear. I finally returned towards the user interface later that evening also it labored. I began creating accounts. That labored. I made the clients password and username and all sorts of. I examined it within the FTP to ascertain if I possibly could upload files making new sites. It provided permission refused. I acquired 2 developers onto it to try and repair it. Both of them stated that WHHQ needed to. At that time it had been Thursday evening. Per week since i have purchased the server but still nothing works. I known as them Friday. It had been busy or even the responding to services emerged or they moved me to some mailbox. At that time I acquired the issue for that free server. They've bad tech-support plus they don?t understand how to program around they ought to. I attempted to give them a call through the night lengthy all Saturday or sunday. I paged them 10 occasions and created a message for five people. I didn't obtain a reply. I additionally e-mailed them Friday and also the email returned saying not found. The e-mail I place it was support@whhq.net. That's the things they explained to place. Today is June 5. I left there services. They where type of pissed at me of departing and letting them know they don?t possess the services I'm searching for. They moved me towards the manager. I needed to provide him my domain. I stated my domain. He was attempting to discover how it's typed. I told it to him 3 occasions i quickly typed each letter out saying one letter at any given time one letter every 5 seconds. He replyed back thirty seconds later spelling it wrong. Then finally he first got it right!! He then continued saying I had been stupid and never understand how to alter the IP?s at network solutions. I told him Used to do alter the IP your day I acquired the server. So when I transformed it returned to my old server IP. I anxiously waited for three days to alter the data. It stated it up-to-date the IP around the page however it provided that old server IP. I attempted it again and same factor happened. I acquired 2 DNS from their store. I attempted it on the client also it did exactly the same factor. So that they where yelling at me calling me analyzed after i did attempt to alter the IP right factor. And it didn't work. I said excitedly very nicely it had been their problem not mine as well as your IP?s where getting declined from network solutions. I known as network solutions plus they stated the IP?s should of transformed it's not your condition or ours it's your host. I'd 2 more other issues In my opinion I'd. However I don?t wish to hurt WHHQ a lot they're going bankrupt. If guess what happens I am talking about. -=Among The Finest Everybody To Understand Please NOT Consider WHHQ For The Devoted SERVER HOST. I Don't Know ABOUNT THERE REGULAR HOSTING However I THINK Exactly The Same PROBLEMS BECUASE They've NO TECH-SUPPORT=-.
Appreciate reading through about WHHQ and when you've any queries please get in touch at: everycode4u@yahoo.com.
I'm not attempting to put whhq.net a bit low of economic and Among the finest everybody to understand that whhq.net isn't the best and just how hosting companys say they've 24/7 tech-support however , they don?t
-everycode4u@yahoo.com - Mike
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