Hi I'm seriously thinking about Powersurge.
But for whatever reason something is holding me back.

Please share any understanding of bad or good
Status for this company As soon as possible

(unproven statement)

I am with http://www.mavcorp.com and they have been great to date....

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You need to perform a little research prior to you making an argument for example "They really operate from a man's garage!" Yes, Used to do look at this inside a forum once myself but know better.

I've been Located by them for any year now and also have been happy together.

The content you associated with is false, or at best no current or accurate.

E-mail fact is usually in a few minutes (not speaking a good email autoresponder - if you get one of these immediately), even on weekends.

For cost increases, yes, they did raise their costs a while back. However, they still recognition my original account register agreement that is $15.00 monthly and includes 10gig of transfer (that we make use of all of). I have to be special huh?

Also, would you really think 2 men might be running e-commerce inside a garage especially since they've been running a business since 1996?
Come on...possibly at startup, but surely not now.

http://www.powersurge.net/corporateinfo/index.html to learn more.

Just thought I ought to mention the above mentioned.


I'm pleased with their service however, if you're doing e-commerce for the clients which involve delivering out emails (200 to 1500 each day) to focus on group they'll remove all of your pages and cancel your bank account without warning.

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