I'm searching for a number which has python installed?? I want a only 1mb of space, with no bandwidth . I desired a take into account testing reasons only. a merchant account that will require me to pay less then 2$/mth
Can there be anybody available who'd produce this??
While virtually every linux based host has python installed, I dont think its realistic to locate anything available for $2. Your lucky to obtain extra supplies put into a current site for $2.
Hmm.. I suppose.. well, the industry good host to host with?? I wouldn't have to a lot of space, 5mb will be a lot, along with a lil bandwidth. I have to be starting as low as possible. Thanks
superior-host.com includes a 5mb plan with 3 Gigs bandwidth for $5.95, that's concerning the littlest and least expensive I understand.
Does jumpworld.net or hypermart.net has phyton installed? In my opinion Phyton is really a standard Unix/Linux feature however web hosting companies don't list it within the specs since it is seldom used.
Based on things i hear, neither of individuals hosts have Python..... Kunal, seek advice from http://www.below10host.com (e-mail sales@below10host.com) - most Alabanza hosts must have Python already installed, and they've a $4.95/monthly plan, check together.
Thanks BC
Our sites, babcockbooks.com uses python, and that we didn't do the installation as we got the server, therefore it does seriously the bottom install to have an alabanza box yes.

-Brendan Brader
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