I have only had my website up for any month now and i have observed that monday - friday happens when i make the most traffic do everyone see a lot of a rise in the wintertime time? or will it stay.


Last week i thought i'd make the most traffic for fun on saturday due to all of the spare time people might have boy was i wrong lol I'm going to be shocked basically increase website traffic during the cold months because it appears everybody finds at the office and never in your own home.
It will increase during the cold months here we are at a couple of reasons:

1) The holiday season many individuals receive PC's and Apple computers.

2) Cooler outdoors (in many areas) so people stay inside more

3) The majority of the holiday season is in the winter months and several people also book removed from operate in december so individuals have additional time to surf.

4) Every winter you will find increasing numbers of people purchasing online.

5) I trade options and options, and you will find also a lot more people making trades during the cold months several weeks for the identical reasons.
Initially published by Annette:
Plus, unlike individuals us of foolish enough (or nerdy enough) to leap into e-commerce, most anyone else have lives and therefore are out doing fantastically awesome things for fun on saturday.
Right you're, Annette. I've got a site about diving and may attest that traffic and discussion around the forums is substantially lower on week finishes than throughout a few days. A good reason is the fact that individuals are really out diving rather than speaking about going diving.

One more reason is the fact that many people still don't their very own pc and employ computer systems at the office for access (I will not tell, though -D ) That most likely makes up about why Monday normally has the greatest traffic, as people go back to work, restore access and meet up with the things they skipped.
Plus, unlike individuals us of foolish enough (or nerdy enough) to leap into e-commerce, most anyone else have lives and therefore are out doing fantastically awesome things for fun on saturday.

Seriously, though, our support demands and general questions fall off significantly beginning Friday nights after which get again Sunday nights.

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What's the URL for that scuba site?

Mike Astin
Hey All,

Traffic is greater during the cold months (aside from Febuary 2000) for that "rietta.com network." The month most abundant in traffic was May 2000. You can observe the HTTP-Evaluate graph at http://www.rietta.com/employees/fran...00_endjuly.gif .

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