How do i save the DNS info mail address title server info and also the Ip used buy each domain.....i do not wanna need to setup everything again when the raq where you can crash or something like that i do not need in order to save the information of every site only the info i in the above list. I must save everything to my HD basically can? I do not need anymore extra charges from my host for backup copies

is also the bandwidth around the RaQ3 instantly it reads alot less than what my old host stated i made use of each day or does ir rely on the organization im leasing it from the time it will get up-to-date?

You are able to backup the server files with the admin user interface... Just don't rely on having the ability to restore it when the HD crashes. This happened once on our Raq3 also it would be a nightmare to revive. We needed to convert the Raq's backup copies to tar files after which restore individuals.

Also, the Raq's stats aren't up-to-date in tangible-time, they're up-to-date every evening once the logs are rotated. I ought to add when the logs are rotated... Lots of cobalts with more than 100 virtual sites don't rotate the logs correctly.

You need to create a tarball of your DNS config files, and download these to your pc daily. It might be quite simple to create a little script to get this done for you personally and combine it with your crontab.

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