I'm thinking about leasing a RaQ 3 server from dialtoneinternet. They've the very best prices I've discovered and also the appear to become a top class service with topof the road facilities and equipment. My questions are:

Does anybody here have top notch knowledge about dialtone internet?
If that's the case, what's it been like using the services of the organization?

Does anybody here have top notch knowledge about the RaQ 3? If that's the case made it happenOrcould it be trying to your satisfaction?

~ Marcus
I have had two servers situated at Dialtone's NOC for around annually now, and things are great. Redundant connections, and top quality facilities.

However, you need to know how you can administer your server, because they charge a really high support fee. Any issues that you encounter that they need to fix, they'll ask you for.

I wouldnt recommend them. I've got a co-lo together and also the speed is nice, however the support is screwed up. After i request a load of insolvency practitioners, it's usually always different, i'm able to never obtain a batch of the identical insolvency practitioners
Certainly, don't "not" opt for them exclusively about this man's IP problem. They've several clients who use and share IP blocks. When I comprehend it, IP's are designated on the "per-need" basis, along with a C block isn't devoted only for you. IP's cost lots of money, and they've for use, or ARIN will return them and assign them elsewhere.

Also, you will find no costs for IP's for linux servers, and you will have as numerous IP's as you would like.
How much of an unfair and absurd statement to create, that support is screwed up due to the fact a load of IP amounts will vary (most probably, you mean not consecutive). I do not have service together yet, though I'll soon. EVERYTHING I've discovered about DI is favorable, in the impression I recieve from their store, their attitude, facilities, along with other things, even prices.

With the truly lousy support at a lot of companies on important issues, it's a petty and false factor to even claim that support is screwed up over so trivial and meaningless matter as not receiving consecutive IP amounts, something which isn't entirely under what they can control anyway. Not to recommend them according to that sole item states much more about absurd anticipation than the usual failure for the compnay.

Consider yourself fortunate, even fortunate, if this sounds like the worst factor you are able to say about the subject.

It proves a place in another thread concerning the customer not necessarily being right. Nowhere have I seen any organization guarantee as well as mention getting consecutive amounts.

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