Thanks for your info, but things i mosly want would be to have my very own private chat, by doing this people talking are in the same town. Whenever a host states they provide out free forums, could they be shared by everybody else or could they be only for me? Any extra assistance is greatly appreciated. Hey Chicken, how can i obtain a Java chat program. I'm probrably searching for individuals to be talking from 20-35 chatters simultaneusly. Thanks.
Hello available,

We'll because most individuals available already know of the web I had been wishing you can assist me. I'm beginning a little community site, I'm mostly using for my services however i desire a chat programs where all my local people can chat and publish messages, I do not such as the one that uses and wishing to locate a better chat program hopefully FREE Thanks for your help

I am unsure if this can be done with CGI or otherwise, but take a look at If you're able to use CGI, they're going to have the scripts that you should select from.

Mike Astin
You are able to, but read your host's TOS. You will in all probability discover that they don't allow cgi chat scripts. (CPU resource problem).

Java chats don't have this issue (because they are client side applications.), and therefore are fine.
Hold on hold on hold on. We have to create a distinction here.

TNG mentions he'd like 'real time' chat, as well as publish messages. The variations listed here are : the first is 'real time chat', where people really chat simultaneously (like IRC or Yahoo! forums, etc.). Another is obviously, advertising boards like UBB, Phorum, etc.

Nevertheless, you are able to search for free programs of both types only at that excellent site :
You can register having a host like OLM (, a few of their plans include 25 forums and you will buy more. There is a couple of types of forums too.
You may want to read this chatroom provider:
Also, you might like to take a look at

Bogdan Golubin
Atom Host://Website Hosting

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Hey TNG, I have only one site saved. it's free for approximately 10 customers (therefore it most likely will not assist you to), but:

Another links published might be more help as you are searching for more customers. Also, it might be easy (obviously) in case your host offered this (some do as OLM does).
Ok - if you prefer a cgi chatroom that does not use many resoruces try Everychat 3.5 ward off from three.6 not so customiseable . visit
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