I want a number with:

mysql (prefer an internet based administrator)
devoted ip (no virtuals!)
server side includes
reduced rates for elevated bandwidth (I'd rather not pay an additional $10.00 if/after i review)
raw access logs
online support - good community of aware people.

fair contractual terms (refund for unused time on the twelve months contract for instance)

I anticipate requiring under 30 megs of space, 1-2 gigs of monthly transfer but am unsure about this - will not be until I launch

Searching to invest about $20.00 per month NO Launch Costs!!!

I do not mind merchants if they're situated with a decent company.

I wish to be treated like a professional with respect.

I'd rather not move my account in 3 several weeks - 6 several weeks or perhaps a year.

Basically request three questions within an email I would like an response to the 3 questions - maybe you have observed the number of people will answer the first?

Any suggestions???


I'd have e-mailed you however, you did not leave their email and so i will publish here .

In my opinion UltraSpeed USA fits what you're requiring. I'll get this to short so you can try the website making your personal judgements.

You can get in touch.

Daniel Pearson
UltraSpeed USA
ICQ: 7021831
Goal: UltraSpeedUSA
Email: dpearson@ultraspeedusa.com

This is a company that can present you with all that for $14.00/month, http://jrc-hosting.com.
Most alabanza based hosts offer all individuals features.
Many hosts (not only on Alabanza) can provide that. I love the majority of the user interface features that Alabanza offers for individuals who have no idea a great deal about giving their account(s) as well as for individuals that do (a primary reason we leased a server from their store, actually). Your best choice would be to perform a search at a few of the host sites for that configuration that you'll require. Once you have a few options in your list, browse the reviews of individuals hosts at sites such as this and also at Deja to determine what customers think. Best of luck.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.

Checked out your merchandise, together with hundred others - want telnet.

What's vital in my experience is getting a host by having an online forum for customers in order to request questions of other customers - other customers are frequently more skillful compared to host.
Heck, telnet's easy to setup. No biggie if a person includes a real need for this.

I have really only stumble upon one host using what looks to become an energetic online discussion board. I'll attempt to search up so that you can take a look.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.
Thought it was - interserver ( http://www.interserver.net ), under Help Center -&gt Discussion Boards.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.
Try PHPwebhosting.com, they've everything you are searching for for $9.99/month.
I haven't had any issues with them, however the customer support sounds great! There is a form in the actual user interface, to get in contact with them easily.
just suggestions, searching in the forum at interserver wasn't encouraging.

phphosting - another abanza (sp?) merchant - unsure I wish to go this way at the moment, I am a control freek.
phpwebhosting isn't an alabanza host. They provide limitless everything so beware. $10 per month doesn't cover limitless, ever.
As marksy highlights, anybody declaring limitless (or perhaps in this situation, unmetered) ought to be examined carefully. Also, their IP block is under Rackspace, not Alabanza.

phpwebhosting has this to state within their FAQ: "Though we have no pre-set limits, you won't be permitted to consistently use more then a few hundred Megabytes of diskspace and/or higher two GB of bandwidth/month. If you are using a lot more than this only from time to time, then that's fine." Virtually no good situation for his or her claim (and we'll skip the "than" versus "then" error for the time being).

No support on their own page anywhere. No AUP on their own page anywhere. I'd recommend a little of caution.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.
I simply used PHPwebhosting's customer support the very first time. They responded very rapidly, and glued the issue.

I am sure you probably did

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I am sure you probably did

Choose to leave a title? e-mail address? website address?

Title: Steve (clearly)
Website address: www.madtvcentral.com (not far off)for the time being you should check out Http://Madtvcentral.********.

Whoops! I did not incorporate a e-mail address within the above publish. Sorry. It's ClickSteve2000@cs.com
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