Hello all,

I am focusing on my new website and searching for a location to host with.
Listed here are things i need:

Reliable and fast NT host,(it's better when the server is within Albanza)
ASP and Access database supported,
30 Megabytes disk space or even more,
twenty to thirty GB of bandwidth usage monthly(it is good basically could possibly get more)
Cost between US$25 to US$40(I'm able to pay just a little more if required)

I appreciate if anybody will easily notice us a good host. Thanks.
Hello Gary,

Reliable and fast NT host,(it's better when the server is within Albanza)
Alabanza does not do NT servers, which means you will not locate an NT host that's located there.

I believe you'll have a difficult time finding an NT host that may offer twenty to thirty GB of bandwidth for $25 to $40 monthly, a minumum of one that's reliable and it has good technical support.

But, I have been demonstrated wrong before, so keep searching and perhaps you will find somewhere good.

Best of luck,


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Jason's right - Alabanza is really a Linux-only shop. What's in your site that utilizes 20-30G/mo? You are most likely going to need to decide on a ded for your, as I'm not sure any shared hosts that may offer much transfer for that cost you title - particularly with NT because the OS.
Like a followup: Frank Rietta published the next link (http://www.AtlantaWebhost.com/) within the We Want Your Suggestions... thread here, and contains a few NT plans. Both are a little above what your cost range was, however it appears like it may be an answer for you personally.
Thanks each of Annette and Jason,

About my new site, well, it will not get an excessive amount of traffics if this start. But It will achieve time(20GB/mo) at couple of month later. It's type of community forum speaking about graphics design, additionally a public gallery for the reason that too.


Try http://Intermedia.net/

My pal registered there and that he stated they're great. He provided an e-mail account and they've an excellent free Internet based email.
have a look @ http://www.brinet.net

If put forth Hostspot's forum and perform a look for Brinet, you will find a really lengthy thread about Brinet, where their reps take their cases.

Hop over after which return and let me know what you believe...
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