I'm also fed up with the possible lack of support and brains from most website hosts. I must lease a devoted server for that reasons of selling and hosting my couple of websites, or colocating basically might get exactly the same support from their store for my server.

I'd like a complete package like alabanza, what are the others like them? I'd like tech support team to participate the package or fairly cheap extra, and additional Gigs under $10 each, I believe a number of verio's companies sells extra Gigs for $3.

I'm searching for a pleasant user interface so everything i have to do is internet based, and never telnet. I would like atleast 100 - 200 IP amounts and a chance to host a lot more, and my very own title servers. Even the abilty to possess sub domain names on IP's too.

The server should be atleast 450 Mhz, SCSI hard disk(s) and 512 Ram.

Please tell me of all of the website hosts that provide this stuff, and it might be nice if all they did was host devoted/colocated servers, and do not offer hosting to everyone by themselves servers.

I do not worry about cost, really i actually do, i do not expect so that it is cheap, i understand you receive that which you purchase and i'm not going garbage, the only real factor i am looking to get kinda cheap may be the extra bandwidth, i'll hire my very own tech if needed, but prefer to possess the specialist in the NOC.

Thank you for any information you are able to produce in regards to this.
Take a look at Dialtone Internet (dialtoneinternet.com) I have done lots of research in it. they are actually fairly near to me, that has assisted me find out more about them. I understand the facilities they're situated in, and they're top class.

All they are doing is devoted (and co-situated) servers on Linux. They offered business shared server business a couple of several weeks ago, as well as their NT hosting a few several weeks ago. Their hardware is preferable to many more I have seen, specifically for the cost.

There is a user interface, unmetered IP addresses, and you will have sub-domain names. 50 gbs of bandwidth is incorporated in server rents, and addtional gbs are $3 each, billed once you incur them, not charged ahead of time according to estimations, or perhaps in blocks, in which you pay in excess of you'll need.

I acquired a great feeling in speaking for them (the only real doozy I have ever become having a host) but IU've found the final host I'll need. Their site is informative, well organized, and mentions that if you want to, you are able to call completely as much as the leader of the organization. I doubt that will be necessary.

Someone else here has already established two servers together for any year now and been pleased with their service. That isn't why I'm going to be with them, however it helps you to know. Be tired no more.
DN (DigitalNation) - Great server setup, professional support (although you have to pay for this), 50gb (extra 50gb - $150, hence $3 gig). NT and Unix

Communitech - Good packages, unsure just how much extra bandwidth costs.

ServerVault - Good servers, unmetered bandwidth (so far as I can tell), marketed in Website Hosting Magazine.

DialtoneInternet - See above publish

Maxim.net - Colocation, good prices on bandwidth.

If you cannot locate one having a user interface gradually alter build one yourself in Perl (worth learning) or ASP on NT (also worth learning).
There is a free software user interface available known as WebMin: http://www.webmin.com/webmin/
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