Listed here are 2 reasons I'd avoid them...
1) They junk e-mail!
2) They are to operate on Raq3 servers. While Raq3 servers are pretty good by themselves (I've one) they shouldn't be employed for a webhost. Just hold back until the drive fails plus they attempt to reinstate your site and also the server from backup copies (when they even do).

Presently our web page is by using Web service provider provider and run by @home. Wish to setup own domain reputation for control. Needs are pretty straight forward website is accustomed to display artwork. Saw an include local (Toronto) computor paper for http://www.dollarhost.com/WebHosting/
who offer $5.00 monthly and $15.00 registration charge. Has anybody any experience or ideas? What questions or concerns must i have?
Hey scott, what's the problem there? I've one too. Should you choose weekly tape backup copies what will be the problem?

You will find two primary problems... First, if you are using the backup utility included in the Raq3 then you're essentially SOL when the drive fails. The backup copies haven't labored directly on the Raq's. Should you just tar in the files then you're a great deal best. But many importantly may be the GUI and it is data. The information can be simply restored to normalcy but best of luck looking to get it synchronized using the GUI. Probably, you could have to re-setup every site and user manually.

I'd the unfortunate experience with a drive failing a couple of days ago. Though I could recover all of the data, the GUI was shot and needed to be setup manually. Not really a large problem for those who have a couple of sites but when you take a webhost off it then you're really in danger. I even attempted to possess Cobalt recover the GUI info plus they could not.
Ouch, yeah that will suck bigtime.
Cobalt has some type of utility to recuperate a corrupted database (wich backs the GUI) therefore if the body info is correct around the box, you are able to re-create from it with this particular script. I understand I made use of it once

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For that Raq3 or even the Raq2? I was only capable of finding this readily available for the Raq2. Knowing would think it is for that Raq3 we would like to know.

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