Hi people,

I am searching for Part-time support staff to assist with recent increase of questions / demands ....

I want maybe 9 - 10 hrs per week.
Work at home. It might be better being US based.

Were would I have the ability to find these ?

Thanks men!!!

Dom Buono http://www.unixfusion.com
I've got a question, will i reached stay home to reply to the questions? or use for an office
It's working at home,

It is simply Responding to aid / sales questions whenever we within the United kingdom aren't availible...

I might be interested, you are able to e-mail me at jtyocum@yahoo.com. And That I can email a resume.
please message me your figures and other things would not i be on phone or even the net. I'm interested.
I've also lately made the decision to employ some part-time help and that i love this concept of yours to take this board, I had been getting some trouble determining the way i would start benefiting from help. It will likely be quite interesting to determine who reactions, however i am also searching for outside assistance, please send any info you need to website owner@jrc-hosting.com. I'm virtually searching for exactly the same factor as unixfusion perhaps a couple of more hrs though, I must hire a company super acquainted with the Alabanza Network. Best Of Luck unixfusion I really hope we are able to both find some quality help.
I'd have an interest. Contact details is below.

Adam "fibroptikl" Lysne
Hi Men

Just respone...

Best Of Luck Dork to find staff!!!

Dominic Buono http://www.unixfusion
Funny this subject should show up
I've just began searching for a component time support job.


Good understanding of hosting biz.
Fluent in additional languages than british
..and also over 25

Look me up.


Now, this really is surprising!

I'd be very thinking about assisting part-time for either Unixfusion or JRC Systems (or other host that needs help). I am completely in Australia, therefore if you are searching at help over odd hrs, I'm able to most likely help. I've got a site around the Alabanza network, so I am acquainted with their setup, but simultaneously I've knowledge of either Unix or NT systems.

My e-mail's bummer@mailandnews.com if you are interested, and that i can fire a resume along with other info should you require (please e-mail me to tell me you are really interested!)


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I simply were built with a wild and crazy thought.

Could one begin a support staff pool in some way? There appear to become a large amount of takers around the jobs. Inside a pool we're able to *pool* our assets and study from eachother.

Whaddya say? Totally from the scale?

Taxibear, seems like a awesome idea. Though i am unsure how good it might work.
You just need a website, that website hosts join / buy directly into. The website would manage call logging and setting to individuals in line with the location, contracted hrs, etc. The website would get its data from either support@somehost.com or because they build a support management interface that any host may use on their own support site.

Remote support staff would then visit the website, and answer within the title from the webhost they're employed by at this minute.

Most likely an oversimplistic view. If anybody has an interest in clubbing together to consider the way it work, particularly the hostng companies, drop us a line at stuart@inwks.com. Supporting hosting co's might just be the beginning......
Now this has already been available really. I acquired information on this from my plumber who always had someone answer his phone. It's a answering services company. Not new really, simply not utilized in the hosting industry much, if whatsoever.

They take your calls, are designed for sales plus some support. Often a per call cost which fits before you get a lot of, then its likely cheaper to employ yourself.

I'm able to most likely search up information on the area I've spoken to. Excellent (calls clarified from Virginia).

Found the data in it if interested...
http://www.mapmobile.com/map/index.html and something I've not spoken to http://www.computelinc.com/index.html

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My spouse and i were just speaking a few days ago in regards to a similar page only for host, and among the features could be problem clients. Ones that don't pay or ones who've been began of each and every host for bombarding or smut, you get the drift. We've only spoken about this, we figured it might be something to complete when situations are slow. But when someone could develop a site wonderful these ideas, and merely for host and just host I believe that might be pretty awesome. It might require a strict moderator but It will be a good page, If only I'd time to have it off the floor.
Dork, your idea sounds excellent.
I understand a man that accustomed to operate a hosting service with alabanza, he's now switched to supporting alabanza hosts rather.


I believe he went uusmedia although not possitive.

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