Essentially I am searching for everything offers with no problems, the cost is alright, however the merchant prices ought to be a much better deal. When they do not have a user interface, then decent support/setup time could be fine (&lt12hr seven days per week). I personally use a few of these sites like a test mattress so electric power charge for setup or additional monthly charge for each little feature or change wouldn't be preferred. Listed here are the hosts I have checked out to date: - I have have a couple of sites here, GREAT user interface and Unequalled cost, email support is alright - but no PHP yet - I have only been there for a short while, so I am not suggesting them yet - but do try them out, I have been surprised to not discover their whereabouts within the mainstream whatsoever (maybe they don't wish to pay advertising costs to become a "recommended host" on all individuals host searches) (limited support several hours) (dsn soon)
( merchant, promotes better support, but sent an e-mail today and thus response yet, plus they do not take charge cards, but they're cheaper) got good reviews plus they do support dsn (why some hosts don't advertise features like dsn and php I'm not sure, why would they not need to market it?) (looks ok, but pricey) (e-mailed sales concerning the user interface, however they did not exactly answer the question - are you able to change odbc connections, edit ftp accounts and directory password protection?) Does anybody know should they have a merchant discount?

Any suggestions or feedback on these hosts?
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