Since we don't offer or intend to offer NT based hosting, I would suggest to your requirements

there is a good status and host many large ASP sites.

Kryogen WebHosting - our service talks by itself
I've problems selecting good NT hosting plan or company. Can anybody help?

Here are a few plans and firms that i'm thinking about. Does anybody have knowledge about some of theses companies? I want your advice!

1) ( Standard NT plan $24.95)
-Reasonable cost, very good package
-Less impressive online support
-Free setup
-No Anonymous FTP

2) (NT Personal and NT Business)
-Good NT packages
-Good cost
-Less technical support
-Haven't heard anybody is applying it

3) ($29 package)
-Good NT packages
-Less technical support
-No user interface support
-Awesome features, but many of them are third party features. Meaning, I must go register in another site to make use of individuals features. Even pay extra for individuals service.
-Costly setup fee $50

4) (NT Professional $34.95)
-Costly setup fee of $50

5) (Plan A $24.95)
-OK plan
-Good understanding base and user interface
-No ODBC for my plan unless of course I pay more around $50 (plan B and C)
-Sent them some questions, but nonetheless haven?t been told by them. Just question how efficient is the technical support

6) (Silver 19.95)
-Reasonable cost
-Less online technical support
-Phone tech-support, although not 24/7
-Really small company

I understand I'm asking an excessive amount of, however i actually need outside assistance here. I'm really searching for features like
-Support Frontpage 2000, Access 2000
-A minumum of one ODBC connection
-Unilimited email
-Good user interface
-Good technical support
-Web statistics
-WebForum or board


Personally, i possess a NT Developer account with Communitech.Net Haven't had any problems and they've the very best control pannel I've ever used before.
Intermedia includes a very solid status for uptime and ideal support. They're highly suggested.
Realize that this isn't an individual recommendation as I have not used them, but a great friend continues to be using Central Information Services for around 3 several weeks (I believe). Their URL is

They're a reasonably small enterprise (which may be a benefit) and also have given him great service. They've known as when he's had questions as well as accompanied on several things he desired to do beyond their normal services.

Attitude is essential, and that he is extremely happy with their own. You might like to provide them with a glance. I'll find out if I'm able to get my pal to publish and add anymore particulars.

I also need to give Intermedia an excellent recommendation. I don't know which kind of response time they provide to potential clients, but like a customer of two years, I have not needed to wait a lot more than 8-12 hrs for any response.

There uptime has additionally been excellent. Their access is thru who keeps a safe and secure cage within the NOC.

I've had very couple of issues with Intermedia and happily purchase their more complex programs.

A lot of my clients use their plan A accounts, and there's alot that you can do, including using access databases in your site. The only real factor you need to do is make use of a DSN-less connection instead of a method DSN.

Again, I recommend Intermedia!
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