My lengthy-time school-provided email and website hosting is going to be disappearing soon due to inevitable graduation , so I?m looking for new things. Instead of being confronted with needing to change my current email address and URL every couple of years whenever I change ISPs, I'd rather have the ability to purchase a domain which i might take beside me wherever Time passes.

I am also searching for a location to host a golf club site. Although slightly different sites, the requirements offer a similar experience, so it may be the same location.

This is what I are thinking about:

I want a number for my own website, and most likely websites and email for my immediate family too (a minimum of 5-10 POP3 addresses, ideally having the ability to manage them myself). I'll likewise need POP3 or IMAP email access, ideally with SMTP access too (even though this is optional). Since my own site is going to be serving as an electronic portfolio for my work, there must be lots of space for images, video, and executables (a minimum of 50-75 Megabytes). In most probability, nobody else having a site under this account may have such needs. Bandwidth is a lesser concern. It might be fine (preferred, even) if other sites had Web addresses for example or /mykids (at some point), but that?s not really a major concern. A chance to run my very own CGI stuff is nearly a complete necessity, and I?d enjoy having Perl, Python, and Java abilities too. FTP and Telnet/SSH access are musts, therefore same with a UNIX-based host (I'd greatly prefer UNIX anyway). No advertisements, please, with no adult stuff unless of course they are able to guarantee me an IP that won?t get me blocked.

The club site (within separate account and domain) is going to be similar, except with no space needs with more email needs, since we?d prefer to give addresses to the people (could easily grow to many dozen). E-mail lists (either distribution or majordomo/listserv) and discussion forums could be good additions with this site.

My issue is that many major non-free, no-ad web hosting companies are targeted almost solely toward companies. Many of them also provide guidelines that appear to stop anything that may be interpreted as discussing accounts, for example getting multiple more-or-less independent sites, as I must have. Since I Have won?t make anything from either of those sites, the expense must be low ? like $15/month or less (ideally &lt $10). Handholding support also isn?t needed.

As you can tell, I've got a pretty specific concept of things i want. I?ve been looking around for many days now, though, and all sorts of hosts and terms and plans and amounts and contracts are starting to operate together. Any input from other people who have needed and located places to satisfy similar needs is going to be greatly appreciated.

Hostrocket erased the publish which was questionable, and therefore there's no requirement for my (somewhat harsh) publish to stay here.


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Mine neither.

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Relax a bit boys... this isn't a war, its at this time another host looking to get clients.

Althought I do not such as the way he is doing it, I realize why he is doing it

Tip towards the host looking to get clients... stop doign that, you'll only get bad stuff from this. Be a master at that which you do and when you need to do pub, get it done the proper way with ad banners and other alike stuff...


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You might like to try Annette's

I love to stick to more compact webhosts since the large hosts don't care about your needs or perhaps your needs.

A business like Annette's is going to be there for you personally when you really need them on the personal level.

I'd pump my very own company consider I've not done that yet on any forum, I will not begin right now.

"I AM!"

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Small correction: will enable you to get there - we are while reassigning the IP that was pointed to, and seeking that hostname goes to our clients' being built page right now.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.

Healthy for you... We have a similar philosophy. I understand we're able to elevated business when we would put plugs within our messages but we not. A lot of hosts just seriously here to reply to a couple of questions so everybody can easily see the connect their signature. We seriously here to go over matters, not advertise.

Try I presently get one site located there, and intend to slowly move the relaxation when my current hosting contract expires. They aren't the least expensive host around, however, you get that which you purchase.

Really, Gecko, most Alabanza hosts will suit you perfectly.

Annette's HostMatters is extremely suggested FutureQuest has fantastic support particularly round the forums my host Below10Host @ have the thing you need HostCaters may also have the ability to help @

Hope this can help....
Interesting input, everybody. I believe I have simplified my listing of prospective hosts lower to around ten, so the next phase is to contact each one of these individually with any sort of needs or questions I've that are not covered within the FAQ or ToS paperwork on their own sites.

It will be a few days before I make any choices, since I've got a wedding and honeymoon approaching , but I'm going to be certain to publish a synopsis of my findings for anybody who might be coping with similar issues.

Now i understand that, ultimately, the only method I am likely to be thrilled is to setup my very own personal server in your own home, but that is no option right now. Ah, but at some point....

Many thanks!
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